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Golden Orcas Wolves Grizzly Bear Columbia III kayak return

Sea Kayaking Tours in British Columbia, Canada
Kayaking Tours ~ Eco Cruise Tours

spyhop kayaks spirit bear kayakers in inlet photography cruise dolphin Columbia III food Columbia III waterfall kayak shore kayaker cruising canada orcas bc cruising bears mothership wolf bear
Join us for the exhilarating and unforgettable BC adventure vacation of your dreams! Extraordinary wildlife viewing, breathtaking Canada landscapes and warm, hospitable crew combine to thoroughly satisfy and delight every guest!

"Yay! So excited to be back sailing on the Columbia III again. Have had many wonderful adventures on this boat. Feels like home in a way.
Seeing new places, learning all kinds of history, spotting wildlife, and appreciating the natural beauty and ecology.
The crew is always so amazing. Food is excellent and wonderfully prepared - I wish I had better self control.
Capt Ross is so knowledgeable and capable yet so much fun. What a story teller! Everyone soon realizes what a very special boat this is.
Guides are always topnotch. Taking us to new and exciting places and keeping us out of trouble.
Another great cruise. Can't wait to go on another long one to the land of the Spirit Bears. Of all the many places I have visited, this part of the world is my favorite."

- Mary, Idaho. 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, whole boat charter 2018, 2022, and reserved whole boat charter 2024

BC Sea Kayak Tours

We offer BC sea kayak tours: with fast and stable double kayaks, we explore coastal British Columbia rarely visited by other paddlers. Accompanied by qualified naturalist guides, we kayak through glacial-fed waters amongst lushly forested islands dotted with ancient First Nations village sites while observing the numerous species of local marine and terrestrial wildlife including orca killer whales, dolphins, harbour seals, black bears, grizzly bears, spirit bears, and bald eagles. After each event filled day, we return to the warmth and security of the Columbia III and begin an evening of gourmet food, conversation, laughter and relaxation.

"We are truly in awe of the experience you shared with us. The attention to detail and the quality of care you show your guests is outstanding. Fern, the food was incredible, kayaking will always bring back memories of the smells coming from your galley and the camaraderie shared at the table. Ross, your love and enthusiasm for the COLUMBIA III and Mothership Adventures always shows in the stories and knowledge you so freely share. That the two of you have created this to share with your family is something many of us would love to do but, very few accomplish. Luke, your incredible outlook made even rainy days bright and your willingness and excitement in sharing your knowledge of the area enhanced our experience greatly. Steve, you too do such a great job of making every day a bright day. It seems you're always there to give us a hand, often before we even know we need it!

Thank you all for one of the best vacations we've ever had, along with the opportunity to share a week in your lives. We can't thank you enough."

- 2012 Joan and Michael Collins, Publishers, Sea Kayaker Magazine

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Golden Orcas Wolves

Our kayak tours use the Columbia III as our luxurious traveling home. Our itinerary includes stunning Vancouver Island, BC destinations: the Broughton Archipelago and Johnstone Strait and the Great Bear Rainforest.

" So we travel all the way from England with hope and expectation for a great adventure and what did we get? A bl**dy fantastic adventure!!!!
The mix of wildlife, including the elusive Spirit Bear, grizzlies, black bears, wolves, sea otters, eagles and all the rest. Plus guides who know everything about everything!!!!! Plus food that was so, so, so, good, never a scrap was left, plus such great friendship and humour from all the guests and crew. Shame about the Skipper, but can't have everything I suppose!
So many thanks to Ross, Luke, Steve and Farlyn for the best time ever. Such great friends. "

- Steve & Anne, Steve & Carey, 2008, 2009, 2016 and Vince and Jacky, England

Eco Tours

Kayaking group We also offer exceptional BC eco tours for everyone curious to learn about and explore this diverse and fascinating coast. Once again we are including our popular coastal history adventure tours. The dramas of the early settlers are retold, and the rich First Nation's history comes alive for us as we learn from our accomplished tour leader. Our sturdy skiff transports us on shore outings to view ancient totem poles, teaming tidal pools and verdant rainforests. Best of all, we travel the coast in total comfort aboard the historic Columbia III who has faithfully plied these waters for over 50 years. Each night we'll find a new quiet anchorage or moor to a quaint coastal community dock, and always there's the great food and companionship that travelling with a small group fosters.

Be sure to read these press articles that feature our kayak and cruising tours.

" Trips on the COLUMBIA III have now become a necessity rather than a passing fancy. Thanks to the splendid crew, the wonderful chef and of course, my esteemed Captain Ross. I will rise again and organize another venture! "
- Paddy Victoria BC Whole boat charter, 2011, 2015

Golden Orcas Wolves

Our eco tours use the Columbia III as our luxurious traveling home. Our itinerary includes stunning Vancouver Island, British Columbia destinations: the Desolation Sound and the Great Bear Rainforest (Coastal History).

Tours fill fast! Book early to avoid disappointment!

Certified Sea Kayak guides  · Qualified Naturalist Guides  · Deluxe Staterooms  · 10 Passenger Capacity  · Hot Showers  · Gourmet Cuisine  · 3-9 Day Tours

"Well, we came with great expectations - which were so magnificently surpassed on so many levels:
- the crew was absolutely outstanding,
- the meals were totally amazing thanks to our amazing chef,
- the skipper is hilarious! And such a wealth of local knowledge! Yay!
- The COLUMBIA III is a showpiece - nuff said.
- And then our amazing luck - bears, eagles orcas, sea lions, dolphins, porpoises and breaching humpback whale (in our faces).
Trip of a lifetime! Great new friends! Pure magic! Many thanks and much appreciation."

- Jon, Holly and Chris Calgary, Alberta 2014, reserved for 2015 whilst still on board in 2014, reserved 2017!

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