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Written in the Log of the Mothership Columbia III...

View from bridge

2022 Guest Book Entries

" Yay! So excited to be back sailing on the Columbia III again. Have had many wonderful adventures on this boat. Feels like home in a way.
Seeing new places, learning all kinds of history, spotting wildlife, and appreciating the natural beauty and ecology.
The crew is always so amazing. Food is excellent and wonderfully prepared - I wish I had better self control.
Capt Ross is so knowledgeable and capable yet so much fun. What a story teller! Everyone soon realizes what a very special boat this is.
Guides are always topnotch. Taking us to new and exciting places and keeping us out of trouble.
Another great cruise. Can't wait to go on another long one to the land of the Spirit Bears. Of all the many places I have visited, this part of the world is my favorite."

- Thanks, Mary S (6x Columbia III traveler) - May 25, 2022

" So happy to be back on board. Excellent service, lovely people, great food.
The only complaint is [the trip] is not long enough!
Definitely be back for another fantastic trip. And I won't break my arm next time."

- Isobel

" Team Mothership,
Thanks for another fantastic voyage on the Columbia III. After 6 trips + 16 years since my first adventure with you, you manage to continue to refine & improve every aspect of the already fantastic time spent in the Great Bear Rainforest.
Thanks for sharing one of the world's truly great, wild spaces.
Looking forward to continuing to 'nurture my wild side' in the near future!"

- Scott Warren

" Ross, Sam, Kris & Sarah,
Thank you for a week full of magical moments. Ross - your love of the coast and never ending energy is an inspiration. Sam - Keep being curious and sharing your knowledge of all things natural. It is a good feeling to know the next generation is in good hands. Sarah - I'll never forget your laughter - it really is contagious! Your expertise on the water makes it look so effortless and you have rekindled a passion for me. Kris - What can I say that hasn't been said morning, noon & night other than I love you, thank you!"

" Such a magical experience! I can't think of a better way to experience the Broughton Archipelago than this. You're truly such amazing people and to be able to learn from you and share in the joy you have for what you do was so wonderful. Thank you for everything you did to take care of us and give us such a fun and memorable experience!"
- Cathay, Victoria BC

" Ross, Sarah, Sam, Aleia
Thank you so much for such an incredible adventure! I really wasn't sure what the trip would be like, but it surpassed all expectations! The mothership is a real gem and you can tell she is well loved.
Sam & Aleia were amazing guides - and so knowledgeable about all the beautiful nature we were witnessing. The jokes were an added bonus :). Sarah - all your meals were above and beyond. So delicious and hard to imagine making them in a well appointed kitchen, let alone a small galley kitchen. Ross - it was incredible how patient you were taking us to find whales, and just making the entire experience so incredible. As we kept saying we saw so many different whales, animals, etc ? we filled the Bingo card for sure.
I'm so grateful that I was able to enjoy this joy creating experience. It truly was soul rejuvenating! We have made so many memories that I will cherish fondly.
With heartfelt gratitude,"

- Erin, London ON

" I am blown away by these last 4 days. My expectations have been succeeded and then some! What an absolute amazing time! Thank you to you all for being the reason for this. The boat, the kayaking, the food! I can't say more good things - simply the best!"
- Laura & Stephanie, ON, Canada

" Thank you Ross, Sam, Sarah and Kristina for an experience of a lifetime! You were all there to take care of our every need and more. You even arranged for us to see all the wonderful wildlife (whales, orcas, etc).
Ross, we really enjoyed your talk on the history of the COlumbia III and your adventures with it. Thank you for always being there to fill our every wish. Kris, your cooking is amazing! We looked forward to seeing what the next meal would be and the desserts were the talk of the evening. It was great to be able to see you at work and of course enjoy the wonderful results. Wow!! A big thank you to Sarah and Sam, for tucking us into our kayaks everytime we stopped. The kayaking was wonderful. Great to have someone guide you through all the areas that were new to us and point out all the different sea life.
Thank you again for an amazing trip!!"

- Ed & Hazel Purcell

" Broughton Archipelago - July 19-25, 2022
Thank you Ross, Sam, Sarah, Kristina for such an amazon time in this magical place on our coast. Surprises, delight, exploration, comfort & safety every minute of every day. This was my first mothership experience and I am sure to return for Spirit Bear next year."

- Maybeth Hoagland, Comox, BC

" I enjoyed my trip with you immensely and my every need and wish was fulfilled! Ross - you and your crew were wonderful. Many thanks!"
-Patty R.

2021 Guest Book Entries

" Thanks to all of the staff for their humour, patience, gentle guidance and knowledge sharing. It all made for a very pleasant trip! There is so much attention to detail on the ship - a lot more than we know about I'm sure! The food was fabulous and the paddling was enjoyable! I have the best sleeps on the boat too. I really appreciate all that you have done for us."
- Pam & Al Brown, Nanaimo BC

" Aug 12-18 Broughton Archipelago This was a long time coming for us, but it was worth the wait. This is my third trip with Mothership Adventures, and it's as amazing as the other two and I would come again. The service, the food, the ship and most of all the kayaking is splendid. A heartfelt thanks to Ross Kristina, Steve and Leah. Janet A thousand thank yous for the attention to everything our hearts desired. A particularly grand moment, listening to the glide of the kayak, and the plunks of raindrops on cedar bows on a soft rainy day outing."
- Robert, Nanaimo BC

" The kayaking was both fun and zen, the sleeps were deep, and the expertise of the crew was superb. I will be back again for the Great Bear Rainforest as soon as I'm retired. Thank you immensely for a fantastic adventure. Deborah, Ottawa Awesome. So many spots that took my breath away. Loved every minute. Food was great. Thanks Sam for being my paddling partner! THanks Sarah and Ross. Great trip. Loved it."
- Mary

" Thanks Crew! You've done a wonderful job of guiding, teaching, feeding and caring for us. The adventure was beyond compare."
- Much love, Becky Wulkan

" Ross, Sam, Sarah and Leah Thank you all for a truly memorable experience. You have been so generous in sharing your wisdom and experience, and your incredible good humour. We have enjoyed ourselves immensely."
- Ken & Judy

" Words cannot express the beauty of the Broughtons! This is a spectacular ecosystem and an earthly Eden. I never imagined seeing 20 humpbacks in and around the Columbia III while we cruised to our evening mooring. Then the killer whales coming in and the baby showing off its moves all lit by the sunset. Our last evening was a spectacular wildlife extravaganza!! Not to mention, the food was incredible."

" Broughton Archipelago - Aug 19-25, 2021 Incredible trip - great food, amazing experiences, wonderful people, my favourite trip. I've never been on such a beautiful trip, such an intimate experience with our beautiful Island. I will always be grateful for this, and will never forget it. Broughton Archipelago - You will be missed."
- Terry & Catering McCauley

" Tues Sept 14, 2021 What an amazing week! This was my first adventure kayaking beyond my quiet cottage lake in Ontario. I am so moved by the crew on the Columbia III and so thrilled each and every day, the food, the jokes, the comradery amongst all of us. Thank you so much for the kayaking excursion each day and all of your kindness and patience. The BC coastline is incredible and without the CIII and my cousin Nancy Fowler's encouragement, I never would have embarked on this life changing adventure. Oh! And such a bonus to have so many beautiful photos taken by Christie! Thank you, thank you, thank you. "
- Sincerely, Karen Mulligan, Midland Ontario

" Tues Sept 14, 2021 Great Bear Rainforest Many thanks for this wonderful gift! Each of you, crew and guests, has inspired me with your passion, knowledge, curiosity, and sense of humour. ... Of this history of the Columbia III and the western coastline of BC."

" Guys, What a great trip! COVID be damned, we headed due North by seaplane, we landed smooth in Seaforth. A paddle in Kynoch, lunch on the beach, To Mussel we motored, bears almost in reach. Fishing in shallows, each bear took a salmon, Eating head, skin and liver, the rest they abandoned. Our paddle skirts tight, sitting like spanks, What a great trip, you've got all our thanks! See you next time."
- Bill & Julie Mackie, Salt Lake City (4th trip)

" Thanks for guiding us on this fabulous rain-swept adventure on the historic Columbia III! We loved the paddling, motoring, fine dining, lounging, memorable sights and being so far from New York City!"
- Love, Deb Pines & Dave Livingstone

" Neither of us has cousins (both parents are only children), but if we had, we would have wanted them to be like the Mothership crew. We always feel like family when we're with you - welcomed, appreciated and supported in all aspects of our journey."
- See you down the passage, Janet & Dave

" Dear Ross, Steve, Robyn and Freida, What a wonderful adventure you gave us. High spirits and high seas abounded. The rain could not stop the excitement and camaraderie we felt on this trip. Thanks to all of you for sharing your talents, your enthusiasm, your stories and guiding us through visual and epicurean delights. There is magic here in the land of bears, seals, otters, starfish and still waters. I will hear the loon for a long time yet to come."

" Ross, Steve, Robin and Freida Thanks for a perfect heart... laughter voyage - a wonderful immersion in nature with the best of human companionship. A wonderful experience! Thank you, Nick & Yvonne A heartfelt thank you for a truly magical time. What we saw, what we felt and what we experienced has truly made this a trip of a lifetime. The crew, the boat, the food and the itinerary were outstanding. Thank you for sharing special places and moments with us."
- Linda & Binny

" It's difficult to find words to express the sanctity of our time together in the Great Bear Rainforest. Thank you for your kindness, passion and generosity in sharing yourselves and your love for this great cathedral. May our paths cross again."
- Brenna & Frankie

" I have the deepest appreciation for every detail of this trip and the thoughtful ways in which each of you made it truly special! It was a true pleasure getting to know each of you. Wishing you more miracles on your daily life adventure! Cheers to the Great Bear Rainforest!"
- Love Elizabeth

" Ross, Robin, Steve, Freida THANK YOU! Unbelievably super trip... you just can't put it into words. We love these trips! See you next time,"
- Julie & Bill

" Ross, Steve, Robin and Frieda Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the continuing Columbia III story. We will take home memories of unimaginable natural splendor, kayaking serenity, culinary magic, and your hospitality, patience, good cheer and care. We will leave a piece of our hearts. Until our paths cross again, may the sun always shine at lunch and the kayaker's bladder not exceed "9", nor the trip rain gauge 12 inches, or the nightly anchor swing 2.5 miles. Safe passage and sweet days and nights..."

" Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! Ross and company dealt with maximum rain and still wove a wonderful trip. Sunny inspirations make for beautiful days."
- Many thanks, Joe & Babe

" Tavish, Fern, Robin, San and Deirdre Thank you for a totally magical trip. We are so grateful for you sharing your treasures of the area with us. It's obviou how much you love the place and animals and we've loved getting to see so much through your eyes. The food was amazing; the commentary along the way was informative and fun; Sam's chauffeur service made me feel totally included in everything and Robin's calm helped us all know that we'd have an experience that was fun for each of us. Tav - thanks for your wild enthusiasm for everything, and thanks to Deirdre for sharing your great insights with us. Can't wait to come back!"
- ___ & Marie

" Thank you all for taking us on a magical mystery tour chuckabluck full of easter eggs that absolutely blew our minds over and over... and over again. We appreciate so much that you had us over to your little piece of heaven. Your generosity and kindness will not be forgotten. Well, until we're super old and lose our minds... :) All the best in your futures and we look forward to hearing and seeing you again someday."
- Shelley & Kelly

" Tavish, Fern, Sam, Robin, Deirdre 2021 Thanks for sharing this wonderful area you love! You made the area come alive with your knowledge. You also made this a very special trip for me because it was the most memorable trip I have had. The food, excursions, discussions, vistas, expectations, going the extra mile and of course the games all added to a spectacular trip."
- Thank you. Kai

2018 Guest Book Entries

-Coastal History Tour-

" Thank you for another marvelous adventures: food sights, stories, history and whales."
- Bill and Alaine, Vancouver Island, B.C. 2017, 2018, and booked for another tour later in 2018!

" What a wonderful adventure! Thank for all for your good care, great food and just making it a marvelous time! "
- Mary and Randy, Campbell River B.C.

" I feel like I spent the last five days in someone's home: warm and intimate, but also deeply knowledgeable and with a consistent and classy philosophical approach . . . and a kick-ass cook! Thanks. Can't wait for my next trip."
- Mike, Vancouver Island, B.C.

" Thank you to the Campbell Family for your care of the COLUMBIA III. Your love of the coast is evident everywhere - in your boat, your excursions, your guides and in your respect for both the settler and First Nations culture and history. Thank you for your gift. See you next year."
- Jackie, Vancouver Island, B.C.

-Spring Great Bear Rainforest-

" Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Best experience ever! So beautifully orchestrated! You impart your wisdom so humbly and graciously! The beauty was incomparable! The COLUMBIA III so handsome, strong and accommodating! The food nourishing, colourful and utterly delicious! Fun socializing with you! I will sing your praises to all I know. With love and deep gratitude."
- Kimi, Victoria B.C.

" Thank you so much for your welcoming and generous hospitality! And for your caring thoughtfulness in looking after us so well - especially on the water. I was able to meet challenges I wasn't sure I could achieve. Great personal growth in my kayaking skills. A wonderful adventure! I wish you all the very best,"
- Claudia, Ottawa, Ontario 2018

" Loved the trip! I learned so much about the life here in the Great Bear Rainforest. Very nice pace of outings - rest time to sleeping on logs! Food was amazing! I can't say enough about Farlyn, Robin, Fern and Luke. Lovely people and awesome hosts! Thanks and I am coming back!"
- Caroline, Ottawa, Ontario

" Awesome trip - you guys are such a great team! Amazing organization and food! Can't wait for my next trip!"
- Anne, Ottawa, Ontario

" Thank you so much to all of you. I'm sure I just got to experience a part of the world I may not often get to see again. And I learned so much and found out I love kayaking in the pouring rain (and sunshine of course). You've brought my own surroundings to light in a new way because of all the things you pointed out and taught us. Thanks for all the amazing food, the great sleeps, dressing us up, warming us up, loading us and unloading us. You're a great bunch of humans and I feel lucky to have experienced this thing you're doing together. Thanks so much."
- Emily, B.C.

" I am speechless! Wonderful and fantastic! Thank you."
- Garth and Michele, Manitoba, Canada

" A magnificent week of learning and laugher. . . Whales and otters and bears - OH! The bears!!! 12 people standing in the misty rain at the head of a breath taking fjord - studying a pair of tracks and a pile of bear poop!! Christmas delicious crafted meals were the daily anchors for adventures as Luke and Steve led us to wander and wonder in this lovely wild area. A huge thank you to Ross, our Captain, mentor and on occasion our clown! His dreams and care for the COLUMBIA III provided the inspiration and opportunity to meet, travel, make friends and savour a tiny bit of this beautiful coast."
- Gratefully, Craig and Vicky, California, 2008, 2018

" We continue to be drawn to the BC coast and each visit we see and learn more. Having been to the GBRF before we were excited to see it by kayak. All our expectations were met and exceeded. Wolves were on my ultimate list and we had an amazing viewing. So many surprises every day. Thank you Ross for allowing us to return!! And extra praise to Kristina, Luke and Steve for anticipating our every need."
- Shirley and Steve California, USA 2016, 2018

" Dear ALL of YOU! Every day was "the BEST DAY EVER!!!" You can't do better than PERFECT!!!! Thank you for all your HARD work, but fun and flexible way of taking care of us!!! The memories will last a lifetime! Thank you so much!"
- Tricia and Louis, Colorado, USA

" Another great trip into the Great Bear! This part of Canada will always be in our Heart."
- Love Laurie and Chuck, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and rebooked for 9 nights in 2019!

" My dreams were realized. Thank you Ross, Kristina, Luke and Steve for the most wonderful week in the GBRF. We showed us wonders and taught us so much about your backyard and from the smallest creatures in the seas, to the buds at the top of the forest and the great bears in the forest. It was so much more than kayaking! Thank you all."
- Gail and Lorne, Ottawa, Canada

-Broughton Archipelago-

" Perfect trip in every way! Good folks, great kayaking and most especially the marine mammals."
- Bill and Alaine, B.C. 2017, 2018 History tour and 2018 kayaking tour!

" I don't know how I got so lucky to have 3 trips on the COLUMBIA III. A wonderful time once again. Thanks Ross, Farlyn, Robin and Miray. I hope to see you again soon."
- Xx Joanne, 2011, 2015, 2018

" This is our second (and hopefully not the last) trip on the Mothership. We enjoyed the Great Bear Rainforest trip so much, we brought friends with us for the orca trip this year. Fantastic as before. Great wildlife spotting (seeing one humpback breach nearby and then many more humpback and one orca breach was pretty spectacular!) Loved the playful sea otter, the speedy porpoises and the many inquisitive seals! The highlight always includes the paddling and the super nice, helpful and patient staff! Not to mention exquisite food a la chef Fern. We hope to return with more friends! Thanks"
- Kathie and Greg, Oregon USA 2013, 2018

" What an amazing "mother" of an adventure! Everything was perfect: people, places, creatures, story-telling, food, great sleeps and wonderful long sunny days of paddling. Read Billy Proctor's story and felt the heart of this beautiful place, the great wild wilderness of BC. Keep BC salmon wild and orcas free! May thanks to our crew, skipper, cook and amazing guides. Happy Kayaking."
- Katelyn, Alberta Canada

" Loved the boat, loved the crew, loved the food, loved everything we saw. Thank you for wonderful memories!"
- Jerry and Ty, California, USA

" Thank you so much for another amazing adventure! I can't think of a better way to celebrate our parent's 50th anniversary! These are memories that we'll carry with us forever, made even more special by all of you! You truly are all phenomenal people!!! I can't wait to see the spirit bear on our next trip with you!"
- Jenny and Alison, Washington, USA 2007, whole boat charter 2018

" Thank you so much for a memorable family kayaking holiday. Surely the best kayaking/whale watching trip around. You all did a great job of accommodating the 3 generational age range . . . something special for everyone. Exceptional hosting, fabulous meals, excellent kayaking. Knick and I waited 13 years for this trip to manifest in the most beautiful part of the world. Love to all,"
- Ann and Knick, 2005, whole boat charter 2018, rebooked for 9 night spirit bear tour 2019.

" Our second adventure on the COLUMBIA III and it is absolutely phenomenal. I came to kayak and see the abundance of marine wildlife . . . we will most likely be back as every visit has been exceptional!!"
- Dave, Ontario, Canada. 2010, 2018

" One of the best trips ever! The COLUMBIA III is incredible and so much fun! Paddling with the orcas and dolphins - unreal - and what about the tree with those 20+ bald eagles sitting in it!!?! Thanks for all of the fabulous information. I learned so much this week. You are all amazing and special people who go out of your way to make your guests feel at home and happy . . . and so well fed. Thank-you."
- Lois, B.C.

" Wow! What an adventures that has lasted from beginning to end. The incredible crew made it the most amazing trip; planning superb, sites for sunsets perfectly chosen, gluten-free delights throughout, just perfection at every stage. This coastline is filled with natural delights and we have had the most amazing experience. I'd love to come back again. Thank you for the wonderful crew for making everything possible."
- Anne, Sydney Australia.

" In our experience the most homey of boats. The crew are just so friendly and quietly go about their business in the most competent of fashions. We felt comfortable from the moment we came aboard. Would recommend it to anyone. And as for the scenery and wildlife? Incredible."
- Willie and Sue. United Kingdom.

" If you only treat yourself once in your life - make it a trip on the COLUMBIA III. With Farlyn, Luke, Sam and Kristina. You will never regret a moment. Memories are made of this."
- Andrea and Mike, Wales, United Kingdom

-Fall Great Bear Rainforest-

" Thank you Luke for quietly captaining while you answered our incessant questions.
Thank you Farlyn for every fabulous meal we ate at table and shore.
Thank you Robin for your competence and capability. You are an amazing guide.
Thank you Sam for your happy stewardship and for gently shepherding us when we strayed too close to shore or to combers.
Thank you all for sharing your passion for your homeland.
You have been an amazing crew.
This has been an amazing trip."

- David and Debbie, Alabama, USA

" Fantastic trip, awesome crew, wonderful time. Thanks so much for the memories."
- Ralph, Ontario, Canada

" Farlyn, Fern, Robin and Luke. It is wonderful to witness the strength, intellect and skill with which you operate the COLUMBIA III. I have worked in Women's Health in rural remote regions of Australia - you have the same courage and acceptance of challenge - with humour and independence. Great women role models for us!! Our best wishes to you all."
- Prue and Andy, Australia. 2015, 2018

" Once again the Mothership and her crew have out done themselves! We are so grateful to have had such a wonderful experience aboard a wonderful ship. We came for the coastal vista and leave with amazing memories. Keep on keep'n on . . . "
- Chris and Barb, Vancouver B.C. 2016, 2018

" Oh MY! A trip of a lifetime and an adventure to never forget!! Grizzly bears, black bears and SPIRIT BEAR - most excellent indeed. The crew is over the top amazing and Kristina kept our bellies full of amazing meals and desserts. Thank you COLUMBIA III for giving us a safe and enjoyable passage. Becky and Charlie, Oregon USA Wonderful, fantastic, incredible . . . Great trip, excellent crew and superlative wildlife and scenery. Not to mention the great food and new friendships!"
- Thanks so much. Lee and Donna, Oregon, USA

" Thank you for a fantastic trip. Will not forget all we saw and did. Feel much more comfortable in a kayak and doing the waves was exhilarating. I hope I can do this again."
- Wendy, Veron B.C.

" Dear Kristina, Sam, Steve and Ross, What a spectacular 10 day adventure we've had with all of you on the COLUMBAI III. Your warmth, passion, expertise and kindness have come shining through in every aspect of the trip. The scenery, wildlife, paddling, skiff outings have been amazing. Loved all the meals! You are all very special people and we are grateful to have had another Mothership Adventure with you! Our love and very best wishes to all of you for continued adventures."
- Jim and Muff. 2015, 2018

" This was another magical adventure aboard the COLUMBIA III! My third trip aboard and it was a completely new trip. A humpback breached 26 times under a rainbow! What???! Then onto Grizz. The magic of Ma'a, though, stirred my soul. I will never take this place for granted. Every day was a gift! The Captain and crew are a very special and extraordinary group. Bright, talented, adventurous, soulful. Thank you."
- Teri, Idaho USA 2012,2013, 2018

" We couldn't have less than a wonderful experience, given the spectacular scenery and fauna we're bound to encounter. However, all of your on the boat are so gracious, skilled and entertaining that you take it over the top. This second voyage with you has been as moving and unforgettable as our first. We hope to see you again. Travel safely until then."
- Fondly, Bob and Barb. 2015, 2018

" Another amazing trip aboard my favorite boat. It's like taking our home into the middle of a vast, wild, beautiful wilderness, and then getting to quietly be a part of that natural world. A gentle spirit bear, sparring grizzlies, breaching whales and gorgeous paddling water! And then great food, good humor, amazing stories and wonderful friends. Thank you everyone for a unique and fantastic trip."
- Mary, Cour D'Alene Idaho. 2012, 2013, 2015, 2018

" To the tune of "Home on the Range":
Home, home on the waves,
Where the humpbacks and porpoises play.
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
And the spirit bears visit all day.
Verse 1:
Oh give me a home where the wolves and bears roam
There's no place I would rather be.
To spend all our days, just playing the waves
On the dear old Columbia III.
Verse 2:
We follow along with our young guides so strong
Who uncover the wonders we see.
Nature's secrets the know and they share them and so
Luke and Robin we always follow thee.
Verse 3:
Our captain so brave, guides us over the waves
And regales us with tales of the sea.
He has saved this fine craft, so in years ever aft
We can sail on the Columbia III.
Verse 4:
Last, in Farlyn we see, a true prodigy
She's a skipper, a guide and a sage.
But for us she prepared, gourmet meals that we shared
On the ship she'll take into a new age.
Repeat Verse 1."

- The Coeur D'Alene Group,

" Thank you for your care and attention to every detail of our trip. We leave with warm and wonderful memories to last a lifetime, Thank you for sharing the beauty and secrets of this magnificent place! Warmly, "
- Bob and Teri. Idaho, USA 2013, 2018

" What a wonderful trip! I cannot think of any superlatives that have not need used by previous guests, so I adopt them all! I congratulate you on the wonderful culture you have created in your company so that no matter who your crew is, or what position each crew member occupies, the trips come off beautifully. Thank you for sharing your boat with us."
- Graham, Vancouver, B.C.

" This trip exceeded my expectations by a a factor of a thousand. The most unexpected thing was the amount of knowledge I gained. I will certainly be an advocate for the Great Bear Rainforest in the future. The crew was fantastic. Farlyn guided the ship with such confidence that I was totally relaxed. Fern's meals were amazing and our impromptu hopscotch game was such fun. Luke was a fountain of knowledge. Steve was great as our resident wolf howler. They are both amazing guides. This trip was PERFECT! Thank you."
- Merle. Nova Scotia Canada

" 9 days of magnificence. Guests and crew became family. Bonding over bears, humpbacks and picturesque kayaking. Unforgettable."
- David, B.C. Canada

" Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge of the history, culture and most of all - environment of the Great Bear Rain Forest. Your passion and advocacy influenced us. Luke and Steve guided us to palaces we never imagined - in comfort and safety. Fern's cooking and baking are incredible! Farlyn kept us on course. The whole crew was professional and caring! Awesome trip!!"
- Gary and Carlann, Calgary Alberta, Canada

2017 Guest Book Entries

-Bute Inlet-

" We had simply the most wonderful trip. The weather was unbelievably gorgeous, endlessly dancing panoramas of snowy mountains interspersed with zodiac explorations into fascinating spots enroute. Fabulous company and hospitality. Many thanks to all involved."
- Michael B.C. 2008 and 2017

" I'm ready to sign up for next year's historical trip to the Broughton Archipelago! I enjoyed everything about the trip - lots of variety and information and fun."
- Bev B.C. 2017, reserved for 2018

" A perfect trip - great weather, great vistas, great stories, great crew, great food and interesting guests. We will definitely book another Mothership Adventure and visit the Great Bear Rainforest."
- Jim and Linda B.C.

" A unique experience. Comfortable ship, a knowledgeable and friendly crew constantly looking after our needs and interests, a balance of activity and relaxation, a wonderful setting for new friendships. Many thanks to Fern, for your sunny disposition and generous commitment to feeding us like royalty. To Farlyn, for your easy smile and attention to our safe passage and anchorages in these beautiful but tricky waters. To Jeanette, for the human history insight and your enthusiasm which has sparked further interest in me. And to Steve, for your watch over us, making our zodiac outings adventurous and within our comfort levels. You are a wonderful team and have made me feel at home."
- Maria, Ontario. 2015 Great Bear Paddling and 2017

" Simultaneously relaxing, exciting, provoking laughter, reflection and deep satisfaction. Thank you!"
- Jean B.C. 2008 and 2017

-History Tour Campbell River to Kingcome Inlet and the Broughton Archipelago-

" Thank you for the relaxing atmosphere and beautiful boat. I liked watching some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet roll by the windows. We enjoyed all our shore excursions and meeting some of the long time residents. We learned more about First Nations and coastal history. The crew are all quality people and treated us well. The food was wonderful. Thanks for the memories. Bill and Alaine, B.C. 2017, and reserved two different tours in 2018!"

" Bill and I really enjoyed our amazing trip on one of the "Missionary" ships. Wow! How can we describe the scenery? We are in awe. We felt honoured to have met some of the "old timers". Ross, Jeanette, Robin and Kristina were so welcoming and friendly. Thank you for an amazing holiday."
- Anne B.C.

" Thank you for an absolutely superb 6 days meandering amongst the islands of the east coast of Vancouver Island. From day 1 to day 6 we were looked after, guided, fed, landed and captained by the Columbia III's crew. We would not hesitate to say that it's been the best 6 days at sea we have ever spent."
- Phil and Pauline, B.C.

" Thank you for a truly wonderful trip. Educational and fun and relaxing. Superb food, crew and people."
- XX Joan and Lee, BC

-Spring Great Bear Rainforest-

" This trip was the dream of a lifetime and all of you, Fern, Farlyn, Steve and Robin, made it come true. I can't thank you enough for everything you did to help me accomplish this journey. I will always remember the wolves, bears, eagles and whales among all the special wildlife of this special place! Much gratitude to you all."
- Sara New York. USA

" Thank you for all you do to protect and preserve this spectacular countryside. The opportunity to see bears, wolves, eagles, mink and all the other wildlife and creatures you pointed out so expertly is something I only dreamed of - thanks so much for making this a realty which I will cherish forever. Warmest wishes"
- Barbara New York. USA

" I cannot say it enough times what an incredible expedition this was. Your quiet kindess, gentle instructions, accommodating natures along with your professionalism made for a perfect experience. Thank you."
- Susie, Florida

" I never in my wildest dreams imagined a trip like this . . . This is the best vacation/adventure I have ever had!! Please keep protecting this very sacred and special place. You have re-ignited my passion for Adventures. I will forever be grateful to all of you, because without this amazing crew this would have never happened. Thank you! I will never forget this trip or any of you. Truly remarkable people! I can't wait to explore more of BC with Mothership Adventures! Please keep doing what you're doing (the Wild depends on it!) Love you all. Heavily Hearted xoxox Flanna. New York,
PS: BEST VACATION EVER!!! Seriously!!!
Thank you for changing my life forever! If you ever want some New York stress you'll always have a place to stay! Until we meet again . . . ."

" The food! OMG! - thank you Fern! The Captaining! OMG - thank you Farlyn! The schlepping and guiding! OMG - thank you Steve and Sam! What a wonderful, adventure filled, back-to-the-wild-that-nurtures-my-heart-and-soul trip in the magnificent Great Bear Rainforest. Thanks to all of you from the Columbia III who walk the talk, and show all who have the privilege of joining you aboard how important it is to protect these wild and precious places. I can't wait for my next trip with you. Have a wonderful summer - thank you for everything - I can't imagine better company. With gratitude, great respect and love."
- Jennifer. Vancouver BC. 2005, 2016, 2017.

" Another perfect voyage! How is that possible? Different route, different guests, different weather . . . oh, wait! The crew and the goodship COLUMBIA IIII remain the constant. Thank you for your kind and skilled care. Every attention to detail does not go unnoticed. Until next time . . . "
- Love Kerry, Vancouver B.C. 2005, 2016, 2017

" A hummungus THANK-YOU for a liberating westcoast nature experience! The elegance and the comfort of the Columbia, the competence of the guides, the skill of the captain and the absolute talent of Fern, our chef, made for an unforgettable memory of the most exquisite adventures. I will certainly recommend Mothership Adventures and look forward to a future journey with you."
- Many thanks, Grace. Victoria Canada

" Well the reviews said it all . . . . Unbelievable food, wonderful hospitality, beautiful scenery, and . . . . Oh yes, excellent kayaking! Thank you so much for everything - and for all of your attention to the smallest details. If only I could always be so kind and patient . . . I hope to come again sometime. Big hugs"
- Alison, New York

" Such a treat to have a crew that loved their work and each other as much as we loved being on the trip. Their enthusiasm and passion for this part of super natural BC is well founded and contagious. Thank you for making this experience so very special for us. - Crew extraordinaire!!"
- Dave and Janet Utah, USA 2017, reserved for 2018

" This was a trip of a lifetime! The COLUMBIA III is such a beautiful, well kept, and dearly loved mothership, the crew (each of you!) is so knowledgeable, patient, attentive, generous, talented and delightful, and this place in the world is truly breath-taking. Many fun, funny, spectacular and endearing moments on this excursion. Deepest thanks. "
- Laura USA

" Much appreciation for a most splendid and enchanting week upon the COLUMBIA III. No place would I rather be. The crew, the GBR, the food, the other guests - outstanding. Many memories and possibly another adventure with me down the road if I can have my way."
- With affection, Bev Vancouver, BC

" Awesome and Amazing in the true sense of the words! Such a variety in the paddling, so much wildlife! The food was superb. But what really made the trip perfect was the crew. Ross, Robin, Steve and Kristina, your attention to detail and professional, yet relaxed and friendly ways really pulled it all together into a very special 65th birthday celebration for Deb and me."
- Alison B.C.

" Thank you so much for a remarkable voyage on the COLUMBIA III! There were so many highlights . . . beautiful coastline and beaches, humpback whales, grizzly & black bears, wolves, eagles and sea birds! We felt privileged to be able to kayak in this pristine wilderness and to be so warmly welcomed aboard your very comfortable and historic ship. We hope to return for a fall trip."
- Barb and Larry Victoria BC

-Broughton Archipelago-

" Thank you for a fabulous wilderness getaway! Your hospitality, humour, and vast ecological knowledge made for a memorable family vacation. "
- All the best, Cameron

" What an amazing trip! As we head back to Port McNeill I find myself reflecting on the things that made my experience truly special: 1. The food was delicious! Being vegan, I have found that people sometimes struggle to provide delicious, healthy food. Fern did not struggle! 2. The scenery was exceptional, and the wildlife was a joy to watch. 3. The crew was top quality! Sam, Robin, Luke and Fern rate among the best we've experienced on trips such as these! 4. The guests we travelled with, all strangers when we started, were kind, fun, friendly people to travel with. We couldn't have asked for more. Thank you!!"
- Jim and Sandy, Washington, USA

" Thank you so much to all the crew for such a fantastic trip! We had a most memorable time and could not have asked for a better Captain, chef, or guides. Luke, Fern, Robin and Sam were simply top notch! The wildlife and scenery we experienced will never be forgotten. Besides being so professional you all were so kind and felt like dear friends in no time. We hope to be able to join you again on another trip someday!"
- Bonnie and Perter Alberta, Canada

" Fern, Sam, Luke and Robin. You will forever have a place in my heart. "
- Barbara, Switzerland

" Simply Magical! Thank you all, amazing crew, for the warm and welcoming floating home and the opportunity to experience nature at its finest! You expertise, skill and knowledge of the area, the wildlife and kayaking, along with the wonderful people on our boat made the trip incredible and one I will cherish forever!"
- With gratitude, Tracy Wisconsin, USA

" How can you pack so many wonderful experiences into four days? Calm evening for resident orcas, predation by transient orcas, variable but nice weather. Great food and guides. Thanks!"
- Dan, Oregon, USA

" Everything was great . . . again. Don't change a thing!"
- Chuck and Laurie 2015, 2016, 2017, rebooked for 2018

" Dear Ross, Luke, Steve and Kristina: WOW! Words can't come close to expressing how amazing this experience was (but I will try). Thank you for your expertise, your sense of humour, your attention to detail and your constant sense of wonder at what we experienced daily. The beauty? Unbelievable! The food? Unparalleled! The wildlife? Unreal! The experience? Unbeatable!"
- Cherie and Daryl B.C. 2014, 2017

" How many ways to say perfect? The boat, crew, weather, wildlife, kayaks, new friends - so many thrills in a day (including meals!) It was a fabulous experience day after day. Many thanks for a memorable adventure!"
- Linda Vancouver, B.C.

" Good show! Rave reviews! Easy to understand your long, successful run! We will be back!"
- Joan and Ralph, Oregon USA

" Absolutely a world class destination and operation! I look forward to passing the word around! Many thanks to ALL THE CREW!"
- Manuel, Australia

" WOW!!! Trip of a lifetime . . . . many thanks to all the crew for your expertise and for sharing your knowledge to the "Aussie's""
- Rob, Australia

" Best trip ever. Fantastic crew and wonderful experiences. Way beyond my expectations."
- Thank you. Barbara, Australia

" Thanks for an amazing introduction to the Broughton! Waking up each morning to the still waters of another bay was so peaceful. Visiting with friends, old and new around delicious meals prepared by Kate and the crew was a culinary treat every day. Learning to paddle a kayak more efficiently in this spectacular setting guided buy Steve and Sam was the highlight of the trip. Paddling narrow channels and open water, viewing life in the intertidal, birds, sea lions and whales in their natural habitats is unforgettable. Learning, developing a clearer perspective of the coastal ecosystem and the people who lave live here for thousands of years has enriched our lives. Thank you."
- Shep and Leslie Whistler, B.C.

-GBR Charter-

" As this is our second charter on the COLUMBIAIII, our decision to experience this vessel, crew and environment was as easy one. To be able to feel at home in a completely remote environment is a testimony to the effort of the the team at Mothership adventures. A complete experience from wildlife, to comfort, to atmosphere is the real combination of skill of operators and Ross and his team have delivered another unforgettable adventure."
- Ross Boardman Sea Kayak Jervis Bay. Australia. 2016, 2017, charter reservation for 2020

" We have never been on a trip that has exceeded our expectations the way this trip has. Words can't begin to express how much we enjoyed ourselves and the opportunity to immerse ourselves in nature on a daily basis while staying in accommodations that are exceptional. This has been such an amazing experience. We can't thank you enough."
- Debra and Ryan, Illinois, USA

" My mind woke up this morning pondering what it is that an experience like this adds to my life. It's so much more that a holiday or even an adventure. Opportunities like this shift the boundaries between the man-made and the natural world, like a small portal has been cracked open to allow a little peek into another way of being that we humans are mostly so disconnected from. "Driving around and bumping into stuff" to quote our captain, such as lunge feeding humpbacks will stay with me forever. Much gratitude to the team."
- Lou. Australia 2015, 2017

" This is my second time aboard the COLUMBIA III and I came back as a result of the passion and love and knowledge the crew have for the Great Bear Rainforest. So, to Ross, Steve, Robin and Carmen, you have all kept the flag flying high for one of the most stunning regions on this planet, and I have been blessed to visit a few. The wildlife sightings on this trip have been indescribable, part luck, but also a big chunk of knowledge and love for these creatures thrown in. Thanks again for an absolutely magnificent trip."
- Dave. Australia 2015, 2017

" Thank you for another different but wonderful trip. It is hard to compare the two trips but what runs through the core is your care and consideration to your guests, the environment and the COLUMBIA III. The thing I love the most is to experience full immersion into the Great Bear Rainforest and the experiences it offers. Thank you for making that possible."
- Janet oxox Australia 2015, 2017

-Great Bear Rainforest-

" As a group which has kayaked and camped on the BC coast for many years we really appreciated being so well cared for. Dry beds, delicious food, comfortable seats of course. But spray covers were tucked in, wet clothes dried - we were truly pampered! Many thanks to you all."
- Gillian and Peter, Vancouver, B.C.

" You all inspired total confidence, but beyond that you provided such masterful guiding, eagle-eyed wildlife spotting, helpful loading into kayaks - who could ask for more? Except of course, fantastic meals - and all with good grace and humour! We will never forget this marvelous experience! Many, many thanks!"
- Claire and Peter Vancouver, B.C.

" From "Bear whisperer, Steve" to "Luke the Sea Walker", Commodore Tavish and Fern the artist. Thanks for amazing memories, photo ops and scouting wildlife. Absolutely stellar trip."
- Rick and Beth. BC.

" To the crew of the COLUMBIA III, We feel so fortunate that we were able to be on this trip. It is something we will remember and treasure for the rest of our lives. Although it wasn't on our "bucket list" it has been one of the highlights of our lives. Thank you."
- Bud and Jay, Vancouver, B.C.

" How fortunate can two people be to experience not one, not two, but three trips of a lifetime? Every adventure aboard the COLUMBIA III ignites the senses and nurtures the soul. Thank you to the "A team"; Captain Ross (or Twinkle Toes as we lovingly call him) for your calm, steady hand and lightning quick wit, to our patient, gentle and gracious guides, Luke squared, for your encyclopedic knowledge of the coast and to Kristina for nourishing our bodies with delicious and delightful food. Our trip to the Great Bear Rainforest exceeded all expectations - breath taking scenery, delightful companionship and exceptional sightings of sea wolves, grizzly bears, spirit and black bears, humpback whales, sea otters, sea lions eagles and so much more! Our memories and photographs will last a lifetime. Pure Magic. Again. We are so grateful and appreciative of this amazing experience."
- Holly and Jon. 2015, 2016, 2017, charter reservation for 2019 and contemplating a charter for 2020!

" It is difficult to describe how amazing this trip has been for me. For my first introduction to the Canadian Wilderness, I could not have dreamt of a better experience! So awesome in every way. You are the kindest, sweetest, gentlest and most thoughtful people I may have ever met! Oh, I forgot . . . and patient! Not even mentioning the wonderful and plentiful sightings of wildlife everywhere we travelled. What an unforgettable adventure to share with my precious sons. I wish you all great success in all your future endeavours. Thank you so very much."
- Barbara, Quebec, Canada

" Amazing trip - truly exceeded our expectations and we were so lucky to have exceptional weather conditions. The meals were absolutely fabulous, as were the desserts! Thanks to Kristina- she is also a fabulous baker. Tall Luke was gracious and informative and made us feel very comfortable. Not-so-tall Luke is amazing in his breadth of knowledge and his willingness to show us this fabulous country and share information about the animals and environment! Ross, thanks for making us laugh and for keeping us safe. You are all very special and this was a trip of a lifetime for us both! We needed it - we know you will be busy for a long time and I hope we can return! Thanks for showing us the Wild Coast!"
- Cindy and Geoff, Montana USA

2016 Guest Book Entries

-Great Bear Rainforest-

" Another unbelievable Great Bear trip. Everyday more exciting. Superb crew and staff. Amazing wildlife encounters. One of the most beautiful places on earth. Thanks to you and the First Nations for sharing!"
- Mary, Idaho, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, rebooked charter for 2018

" - Location *****
(These are supposed to be 5 "stars")
- Adventure *****
- Education *****
- Care and comfort *****
- Connection *****
You have forever changed our lives, inspired our actions, and fed our souls. We are grateful for the amazing experience, your kindness and your generosity."

- Warmly, Bob, Becky, Lorrie and Jolene. California

" Ross, Luke, Luke and Kristina, Thank you for a magical and memorable week! What an extraordinary trip and adventure - it truly could not have been any better. I am grateful to have learned from your expansive knowledge, experience, passion and giving attitudes. The natural beauty we experienced will be forever imprinted in my memory. Best wishes to you all!"
- Jolene, California

" What a fabulous gift to be able to leave "our" world behind and explore the beautiful coastal environment of British Columbia. The diversity of land, sea and wildlife was breathtaking! On top of it all we were surrounded by the comforts, safety and joy of the COLUMBIA III and her crew. We couldn't have asked for more. How fortunate we are. Thank you for all you have done to make this trip wonderful!"
- Fondly, Blanche and Carol, New York

" There are very few extraordinary experiences a person has in their lifetime. For spending time in this magical place on the Columba III with our exceptional crew, Ross, Luke1, Luke2 and Kristina was one of them. Our deepest gratitude to you all for sharing yourselves, your expertise and your passions, and for making this trip the treasure that it was! We will never forget you!"
- Warmest regards, Fred and Polly, California

" What an incredible experience! I am in awe of the beauty of the Great Bear Rainforest and all of its inhabitants. These are memories I will always cherish. The crew of the Columbia III is top notch and I felt well taken care of. Our group was more fun than I could ever imagine. I have mot laughed this much in a long time. I will be back."
- Patty, Texas. 2010, 2016

" Where did the time go? Somewhere whistling up the inlet with blue teal or dancing with the grizzlies with the salmon bits between their claws. In laughter at the dining table with new friends anticipating our next grand meal made by Farlyn. Can there still be room for more? Spying whales or being spied by whales? Our spirit bear, it only took one to answer so many, dreaming even if a rock or two looked darn close as a stand in. Wolf howls first thing in the morning, humpbacks returning, finback numbers surprised even old hats. River otters, 60+ sea otters on our last evening, last evening. The time went as only it could on the Columbia III. Many thanks again for your space and time, Ross, Luke, Farlyn and Steve."
- Francie, Courtenay, BC. 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016

" I need the sea because the sea teaches me", Pablo Neruda.
"With the Columbia III boat and crew as a guide the seas always teaches love, respect, conservation, inspiration, awe and gratefulness - another slice of the Great Bear Rainforest! Our third trip of fun and laughter and love. Can't say how much we learn each time we share a moment in time with each creature we find in this space. Thank you for the love and respect you show us for all we experience"

- Dana and Steve, Idaho, 2013, 2015, 2016

" Flawless trip! Exceeded all advertisement! All expectations met and more."
- Steve and Samantha, USA

" Thank you Motherees for another amazing adventure, chock full of anecdote, opinion, insight, love and sheer delight of life lived fully out here in the Great Bear."
- Love Chuck and Laurie, Victoria, BC 2015, 2016

" Thank you Fern, Tavish, Luke and Luke, Thank you so much for a very memorable trip! Each day brought so many special moments - bubble netting humpback whales, playing grizzly bears, marine life, birds and lots of fun and laughter. And the paddling was amazing! I am already planning my return."
- Janine, Ontario, Canada

" Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this trip more magical and restorative than I'd imagined, and this despite my very high hopes! I loved every moment and found reason to smile, laugh and wonder at the beauty of the landscape, aided by your abilities to answer all of our many questions. I hope to see you all again."
- Best, Jeanette, Vancouver Canada

" Many thanks to the phenomenal Mother Earth crew. You made kayakers of the most novice of us and showed us the wonders of the BC Rainforest. Even the rainy days were great."
- Sam and Pat, Texas

" To the wonderful crew of the Columbia III:
There is best, and there is better than best and this trip was that. The guiding - knowledgeable, helpful, and expert in every way. The food - no better on the west coast, thank you Fern. And to our captain, Tavish, a steady hand and an amazing ability to find humpback whales.
But the real star of this trip was the Great Bear Rainforest. We couldn't have had a better trip. Memories to last a lifetime. Thank you Columbia III. May you grow and prosper and inspire future travelers for many, many years to come."

- Jean and Paul, Toronto Canada

" Thank you all for memories of a lifetime! An unforgettable journey that was my trip of a lifetime. My life will be changed forever after cruising with you all. Really! With great gratitude."
- Sincerely, Virginia, Florida USA

" Captain Ross, Chef Farlyn, Luke and Sam.! Thanks for such a wonderful week aboard such a special boat!! Fantastic crew, scenery, food, paddling, stories, and jokes. Oh . . . and wildlife . . . the bears are still a little scary . . . beautiful scary."
- Michelle, New Zealand

-Broughton Archipelago-

" Thank you!! Wonderful trip . . . great wildlife, great landscapes and a one-of-a-kind boat. Unforgettable trip."
- Arturo, Spain

" Thank you for the time on your wonderful boat. We have some of the best wildlife encounters we have ever seen. We were extremely well looked after by your superb crew and had a fabulous time."
- Lisa and Andy, Wales

" Thank you for the most wonderful, life-enhancing days I have ever experienced. Amazing wildlife, wonderful scenery and four days that I will never forget."
- Carol. United Kingdom

" This has been a dream come true for me. I knew the instant I was the photographs on your website that I wanted to spend time aboard the Columbia III. Just being aboard is worth the trip, but OH! All the wonderful hours of kayaking and lunching and napping! on hot rocks in the sun, the starry nights, and the surprise of "little stars' in the toilet bowl when one flushes in the dark of night! I had never seen bioluminescence in sea water before!
Thank you for great guiding, excellent cuisine and accommodating individual requests, for soft berths and a wide range of water and shore experiences, especially meeting the legendary Billy Proctor. Thank you for providing a wonderful, gracious, well thought out experience on a unique boat in a pristine world of nature. I love the Columbia III for her comfort, fine craftsmanship and history. You have done a great service by keeping her doors open to the public in this century. I hope I am graced to be able to visit the amazing sacred coast of British Columbia again. And with luck to be able to feel the deck of the Columbia III beneath my feet again."

- Best Always, Barbara. South Dakota USA

" What an amazing adventure. A big thank you to the crew for their vast depth of knowledge about this wonderful part of the world, from the awesome food, the experience of the crew and guides, the whole cruise has been something we will never forget. Thank you for a great 40th wedding anniversary."
- Alan and Cindy, Australia

" Just an amazing experience. Fantastic guides, awesome chef, great kayaking, wonderful fellow guests. A very safe and professionally managed operation."
- Thank you. Graham, Australia.

" I was a little nervous at first but by the end I was totally at peace with the wonderful Canadian wilderness and all its splendour. Thanks wholly to the amazing crew."
- Thank you. Traci, Australia.

" There are too few times in life where opportunities such as a few days at sea with strangers creates lasting memories and new friendships.
Our voyage has been one to remember for a long while. Without a doubt, our time on the Columbia III will always bring a smile to our hearts and an appreciation of the eco system of the Broughtons.
Your crew, hospitality and knowledge have been amazing to say the least! Thank you for sharing this beautiful region with us."

- Chris and Barb Delta, British Columbia

" We admire the beauty of your country and the strength of your people. We are privileged to have had the opportunity to join this tour. (Encouraged by friends Barb and Chris!) You are such strong advocates of sustainability of this pristine environment. Thank you for your generosity and hospitality, skills training and calmness!
We are thrilled to witness your enthusiasm and surprise at every creature you see. It is so refreshing and hopeful for the future.
Our best wishes to you all. Thank you."

- Phil and Andy, Australia.

" Thank you for an amazing vacation! Every part was wonderful and we saw SO much - humpbacks, eagles, deer and both kinds of orcas and a minke whale. Captain Ross got us to all the whales, we clicked away on our cameras, Erin's meals were delicious and our guides, Luke and Lee were so friendly and knowledgeable. 5 Stars all for sure! We will sing your praises for everyone at home."
- Tim and Katie, California.

" What an amazing experience and adventure! Exceptional crew - talented, intelligent, personable. We appreciated the top notch kayak tours, helpful tips for beginners, the patience, knowledge and assistance for getting our somewhat elderly bodies in and out of the boats. Meals were amazingly delicious and service first rate."
- Thanks for a memorable time. Jim and Muff, Kelowna BC


" Thank you for another wonderful experience on the COLUMBIA III in the Great Bear Rainforest. After our first trip with you last year, we know that we had to share this special place and people with our dearest friends and family. And once again, you exceeded all expectations with your hospitality, knowledge, professionalism, generous spirit and passion for the Great Bear Rainforest. You are extraordinary ambassadors and guardians of the BC coast. Thank you for sharing this special place with us again!! Hope to see you again soon."
- Lou-Ann and Barbara, New York 2015, 2016

" Incredible trip. Glad to be on board. See you again in a couple of years"
- Jeanette, Kelowna, British Columbia, 2010, 2012, 2016

" Fantastic trip, crew, skipper, food, as usual. All the best. See you for number 3 trip soon."
- Ron, 2012, 2016

" Everything I hoped it would be and more! Thank-you for providing a happy, educational, physically active, FUN, celebration for all of us, especially for the grandchildren - their first Canadian "Adventure."! Love the "Columbia III", the crew, the food, the kayaking activity and the breathtaking British Columbia coast. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Safe travels until we meet again!"
- Geoff and Barb, 50 years, 1966-2016. Mothership Tours 2006. 2007, 2010, 2016

2015 Guest Book Entries

-Coastal History tours-

" This was a tip of a lifetime for in in more ways than I can begin to describe. Truly memorable! Thank you to everyone - a birthday I will never forget!! Hugs to all."
- Jody, Campbell River British Columbia

" Thank you so much to Farlyn, Miray, Luke and Jeanette. We learned so much of the culture of this area. Loved the islands and the intertidal areas. I appreciate your love of this area and your incredible expertise of sailing. Again thanks for this trip of a lifetime."
- Bridget, Idaho USA

-Great Bear Rainforest, Kitlope/Gardner Canal Charter-

" Our second voyage aboard COLUMBIA III took us the length of the Gardner canal, a very prosaic name for one of the world's most beautiful passages, and back. The Mothership and its crew (as I wrote the last time in Sept 2012) handles everything so smoothly that is seems effortless. But we know the hard work and discipline that lie behind these wonderful adventures and the extraordinary meals. My thanks once again to the crew of the COLUMBIA III."
- Tim, Ontario 2011, 2015

" Another successful trip on the COLUMBIA III which took another piece of my heart. So many wonderful memories, again. The hot springs, the fjords or the grizzly pals. But the center of any wonderful trip are the people and once again, expectations exceeded!!"
- Jo-Anne Victoria BC 2011, 2015

" Ever since my first trip on the COLUMBIA III I have been anxious for another chance and this experience has been just as fabulous. A wonderful ship with great crew. Thanks for everything!"
- Mark, Toronto Ontario 2011, 2015

" Dear Ross, Fern, Luke and Steve,
It was lovely to be back on aboard the COLUMBIA III. You are all the best crew and the best company that a traveller could hope for. I am already looking forward to my next voyage on the Mothership."

- Fondly, Carol. Ontario, Canada 2011, 2015

" This is my second trip on the COLUMBIA III. I love coming because you are all extremely competent, intelligent and have a sense of humour. Ross, I felt safe in your Captain's hand, Fern you were not here on my first trip and I am delighted meet you. I have never met such a beautiful woman who hiked alone in grizzly country and found it relaxing and peaceful. Luke, you are so knowledgeable about flowers, animals and birds but you are so humble and gentle. Ross and Fern are lucky to have you as a son-in-law. Steve, you were not here on my first trip and your good humour and patience added to our trip. British Colombia is the most beautiful place in the whole world. Thank you for showing it to us."
- Nalini, Toronto, Canada 2011, 2015

" Thanks to all of you, this wonderful adventure was a life changing event for me. I am so grateful that I made this journey with you. British Columbia is an extraordinary place, but it was your expert knowledge, guidance and hospitality that made it extra special. You are all marvellous ambassadors. My visit has recharged my spirit and dedication for wild wolves, wildlife and wild places. I will return."
- Fondly, Diane. New York

" Can't really find the words to express my thanks and gratitude to all of you for this experience in your land. Please continue all your efforts to take care of it. I hope to visit again and find you all healthy and happy. I will never forget my experience. It doesn't get any better than this! I am truly blessed. Love to you all, always."
- Jane, Colorado

" Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and to the moon for everything. You were all awesome!"
- Love you, Jane and Martha, New York

-Great Bear Rainforest Early Summer Kayaking-

" Wonderful scenery and wildlife - completely surreal at times. Absolutely superb crew and food. This will not be bettered."
- Graham and Chris, London England

" Thanks so much for a fabulous trip! Although we had high expectation, you exceeded these by miles. From the delicious food to the knowledgeable guides to the amazing Captain Farlyn, it was all fantastic. The private wolf show was the icing on the cake."
- Cherie and Davey, Australia

" You are all awesome, dear people. (Farlyn, Luke, Luke and Erin) My heart to yours in gratitude for orchestrating a life changing experience for me."
- Marie, Seattle Washington, USA

" An awesome time! It was so beautiful and so different form my first trip; the scenery, wildlife sitings were amazing and the food was way too yummy! The crew and guests were great fun. I am sure you will see me again."
- Lou Ann, Washington, USA 2009, 2015

" Poem:
"We meet awkwardly,
You invite us to walk.
You catch us dancing"
Both Chuck and I are forever changed - dancing away renewed. Caught by the spirit of this pace. Blessings to all of you for sharing the magic of the Great Bear with us."

- Laurie and Cameron, Victoria British Columbia

" Thank you for the gifts of your skills, talents, love of nature and commitment to the environment. This adventure has been over the top! You are all nurturing, caring folk and the world is a better place for it!"
- Love, Karen, Delta, British Columbia

" Thank you for a gift most unexpected. Whether you have a drive to travel, explore and grow or whether your journey is less directed, more whimsical and influenced by other forces, each found a place of healing, connection and warmth on the COLUMBIA III. To play honestly from the heart, to share dreams from the soul and to express your very core does not happen by chance. The crew of the COLUMBIA III gifted us this clarity and connection. It was very special and we will carry it with us on our travels, as inspiration and a gentle reminder of a better place which should be preserved for others to enjoy and experience."
- Gerry, Australia

" Transported by a magic natural environment so beautiful, rich and diverse. A wonderful week of good company, fine cooking and great kayaking. An experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life."
- Parker, Australia

-Broughton Archipelago kayaking-

" Dear Farlyn, Luke, Luke and Erin, Thank-you for sharing the beauty and wonder of this special place. Your love for this precious comer of our world is the best invitation for us to fall in love with the Broughton Archipelago. We loved every minute!"
- Jeanine and Jim, Seattle, Washington. USA

" Wonderful trip, due to your hospitality and professionalism! The sights were amazing, the kayaking and wildlife remarkable, but the 4 of you made it extraordinary. Erin, I don't think we will/can enjoy our culinary creations after those spectacular meals! Best wishes to you all and thanks again for terrific trip."
- Charles and Anne, Wisconsin, USA

" Life doesn't get much better than this! We loved everything about this trip - the friendly, knowledgeable, extremely competent crew!! Amazing food, an abundance of orca, humpback whales and seals, meeting new friends, see magical country, and just being on the COLUMBIA III. It's all good! Thank you so much."
- Larry and Caroline, Ontario Canada

" Spectacular! Spectacular! Thank you for sharing the coastal rainforest, your knowledge and stories. Hats off to the chef, Fern for her amazing cuisine, Captain Luke thanks for taking us to amazing places and your warm smile. Steve and Sheldon it was special to spend paddling time with you and your daily recaps. This trip will always be remembered. Thanks for the nature and the beauty."
- Cheryl and Dennis, Washington, USA

-Great Bear Rainforest Fall kayaking-

" To so deeply relax in today's world is the most luxurious feeling - and that level of letting go is a rare thing for me. To feel so totally "held", cared for and nurtured is afforded by a sense of mothering, - so "mothership" is a very apt name. Without going into any further detail: Faultless, above any expectations, outstanding. Abounding thanks to the whole team."
- Loo, Australia

" Words cannot really express my appreciation and gratitude for this experience. It truly has been an experience I will treasure forever."
- Carole

" Ross and Fern,
10 guests/tour x 16 trips/year x 11 years = 1760 guests whose lives you have contributed to by that "simple" yes. For you decided to take on this business of enriching people's lives and spirits and guiding them with opening a world of natural world adventures. As I am one of those 1760 "guests" my gratitude for all you offer and share is immeasurable. You have made an indelible ribbon of gold on my soul. With deep appreciation and gratitude to you both."

- Michelle, British Columbia Canada

" Thank you for another wonderful Mothership Adventure! Loved the scenery, people and the food. A wonderful time had by our Idaho crew! Can't wait to come back."
- Mary, Idaho, USA 2012, 2013, 2015, reserved for 2016

" To the magical power of this place and the forces working within it. It was amazing to begin the trip humbled by the power of the water, then the land, the sky, the rock, the sea and the life connecting it all. I can't explain how lucky we were to have been exposed to this place by all of you with total respect, understanding and awe for these forces. As inspired as I was by the world of the Great Bear, the crew and their commitment to a total connection to and respect for our world was the most incredible part. Thank you for demonstrating this to us and giving me an ideal of the lifestyle I strive for. I hope your adventures continue to be wild, exciting and amazing."
- Hayley, Alberta Canada

" Thanks for keeping us safe, warm, well fed and dry while exploring the beautiful BC coast! We have found such inspiration on this trip. The only way to improve it would be to make it longer! The COLUMBIA III crew is the best!"
- Nike and Joe, Washington USA 2014, 2015

" Dear COLUMBIA III crew, you came so highly recommended that I wasn't sure what to expect. Over the course of the trip, you all managed to supersede expectations. Always showing us new places, things, and animals with catchy enthusiasm . . . right up to the last hour with rafts of porpoising sea otters. Many thanks to you all."
- Robin, New York USA

" Thank you for being such a great team; highly skilled, personable and so knowledgeable about this area and its wildlife. We appreciated how hard working and detail oriented you are to provide a superb experience in your part of the world. It is an inspiration to do what we can to protect this area."
- Marg and Gail, Ontario, Canada

" What an unbelievably beautiful experience! I owe you a debt of gratitude for it all. I don't want to go home. I don't want to go home. I don't want to go home! Really. You have been so warm, so knowledgeable and such fantastic hosts. You are admirable in so many ways - wide and deep. I am now officially part of your fan club! "
- Love Valerie, Vancouver BC Canada

" Where to begin ... with utmost sincere appreciation for this stunning trip. Your generous hospitality, fabulous food and wonderful company. You are all special individuals and I am so happy to have finally met you in person. I am living with 5 new friends and kindred spirits as we all work together for the special places in the Great Bear Rainforest. I am still reeling from the many, many enchanted moments and hours we got to spend with humpbacks, sea otters, grizzlies, mossy forests . . . and I could go on. The whole experience was like one big family sharing food, drinks and stories on the bow and the wheel house and beyond. Memoires for a lifetime. Wishing you all the best as you continue to celebrate life with such passion and heart. Hope to see you again soon. Thank you."
- Marn, Vancouver BC Canada

2014 Guest Book Entries

-Kayaking Skills tour with Ocean River Sports-

" Thanks for feeding us, training us, enlightening us, and keeping us afloat. It was awesome! "
Tim, Victoria BC

" This is our 4th tour on the mothership and Ross, Fern, Steve and Gary are like old friends now. We are very grateful for all the hospitality, great food and really useful instruction in the kayaks. After a wonderfully beautiful kayak trip, it is nice to come to a warm cabin where the treats are on the table. Thank you for everything, including the funny stories... It was a perfect short getaway from what was a long winter in Calgary. It felt like coming home. Thanks for everything. "
Peter and Val, Calgary 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014

" A great trip! Extremely comfortable accommodation, fantastic meals and an expert and friendly crew. "
Helen and Martin, Victoria, BC

-Coastal History tours-

" Four magical days away from the mainland, away from the cares of our daily lives: wind, rain, sun, sunset, delicious food, good company and an introduction to the Columbia III, its history and our personal connection with those that served on the Columbia II. The breaching whale made many hearts leap. Thank you especially for treating us like old friends and introducing us to the rest of your family. "
Anne and Ron, Sudbury Ontario

" Thanks a million to a fantastic, unforgettable crew. We felt like one of your family with all your TLC etc! Special to visit some of our favourite boating spots - we will be back soon! Good Luck. "
John and Monica, Sidney, BC

" Many thanks for having provided me with a "box of memories" to take away forever, for a variety of wonderful recipes to experiment with, but most important for enabling me to better understand who I am as a Canadian. Sincerely, "
Tara and Murray, Victoria BC

-Boomer Photography workshop-

" Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing trip! Far beyond my wildest dreams! The wildlife. The special views. Repositioning the boat at our whim (and Boomer's!). The hikes on the beach. The food!! It was all so great: I'll never forget you guys - Thanks again! "
Ross, Comox BC

" Thanks for being amazing hosts and crew, it was impressive how you managed to fit our wishes into everyday. Totally enjoyed ourselves and felt at home on the COLUMBIA III. Wishing you all a great season and many more wonderful trips, hope to see you again on the coast! "
Tom and Andrea, Courtenay BC

" Beyond awesome! Everything from the wonderful food and care, to this amazing coast, to Boomer's creative and colourful teaching - way past amazing! Many thanks. "
Robyn, Quadra Island BC

" There was never a dull moment in the last week between frequent wildlife encounters, breathtaking landscapes, the incredible food! and good times aboard the COLUMBIA III. The crew were all amazing and very photogenic. Couldn't have been better! Thank you. "
April, Campbell River, BC

-Mark Hobson artist workshop-

" I am so thankful to have had yet another opportunity to spend time on the COLUMBIA III with you. Fern and Luke, you both share insights and knowledge so gracefully. This trip to the Great Bear to paint has been my dream for a few years now and to be able to do it with both Mark and Gaye as instructors and such an enthusiastic group of students has been a fabulous experience. Thank you for the library. Ian's books should be required reading before the trip. "
Cheers, Maureen, Tofino BC 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014

" This trip was beyond my expectations . . . the food, the wine, new friends, the opportunity to oil paint with talented friends . . . what more could I ask for? I saw my first grizzly bear from 20 feet away, numerous bald eagles, sea otters etc, etc. What a beautiful country . . . and may it remain this way . . . untouched by the oil tankers. Thank you again, "
Leslie, Santa Barbara California

" The Great Bear Rainforest, WOW!! What a magical place, it leaves you speechless and full of emotion. I love it!! I couldn't think of a better way to see/experience it than with the marvellous crew of the COLUMBIA III. You really do go out of your way to make it a very special adventure. Thank-you for the adventures, memories and new friendships. Well done!! I can't wait to return to my "Happy Place". "

" What an amazing five days. It feels like we have packed a month of adventures into this short window of time. Thank you Fern and Luke and Steve for the huge effort that goes into these trips. You run a great operation! . . . it all seems so seamless. This was as good as it gets. Hope to be on board again soon. Where else can one hear Irish tunes of this caliber, see grizzly bears and add a lifetimes worth of painting ideas to ones repertoire? Love you guys "
Mark, Tofino BC

-Great Bear Rainforest Spring Kayaking-

" Dear Crew,
An extraordinary trip. Thank you all for your enthusiasm, friendliness, knowledge, caring and concern. Thank you to Ross for his expertise and humour, to Fern for her tireless enthusiasm and fantastic cooking, to Luke for his gentle guidance and unflappability and to Tavish for sharing his love for this beautiful area and for the five pound Coho he caught and cooked for us all on the beach. I hope I'm fortunate enough to be able to share this with my family soon. "

Jim, New Jersey, USA

" Thank you so much for this fantastic adventure. Your hospitality, knowledge and enthusiasm make it a pleasure to spend this time with you and learn about your lives and passions, while the wildlife and natural beauty of the coast were fantastic. It was really your beautiful personalities and attitudes that made the trip so memorable. You truly are a special family. Thank you so much for allowing us this opportunity to spend this time with you. "
Ian, Fiona & Dan, Vancouver B.C.

" Such a wonderful trip and sooo much beautiful scenery both above and below the water. You really are a special family. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you and laugh with you. Wonderful food, gorgeous scenery, great enthusiasm! It was so obvious that you all love this part of the world and enjoy showing it to others. I will be back to see a wolf another time. Thank you for your patience with novice kayakers, sailing was a blast and the highlight was the salmon catch, cooking and eating. "
Elaine and Rob, Vancouver BC

" Sincere thanks for once again exceeding our expectations! (2nd Mothership Adventures trip) We wish you all a healthy and happy future in your journeys. Kindest regards "
Monty and Lori, Burnaby B.C. 2010, 2014

" Ross, Fern, Tavish and Steve: You know what you are doing, but that's the least of your special gifts. It's the way you create community and stoke our love of nature and exploration that makes this a special experience. Thank you for building a vacation experience that brings out the best in us all. Tavish, your spirit and passion for the region are extraordinary. Steve, you are a master paddler and guide, both in technique and emotion. We look forward to the next time. "
Lisa and Bill, Houston Texas

" We loved every minute. It was wonderful to have this time with you, the mothership and the delightful little floating community you created for this week. Thank you for a great time. Love and best wishes to you all. "
Karen and Geoff, Vancouver, B.C. 2013, 2014

-Broughton Archipelago kayaking-

"I expected all the fabulous kayaking and sea creatures, hoped for some whale sightings and was caught completely by surprise by the incredibly warm hospitality! Thank-you for the very professional, knowledgeable and personable guiding. The food was fantastic. The company was delightful."
- Kim and Arnie, Las Vegas USA 2014

" A wonderful trip exceeding expectations. Food, music and company all great. My only regret is that I have to go home. Until next year!! Safe travels my new friends. "
Duane and Kim Jacksonville Florida

" Luke H., Fern, Steve and Luke R,
Thank you all so-o-o very much for all your kindness, care and attention. This was my first experience on board a kayaking cruise and I cannot imagine anything more perfect! It was HUGE! And even though our bones and muscles may not have worked as well as years gone by, no one made us feel as if we shouldn't be trying it all. You're just great people and of course, the scenery was world class. Many thanks again, oxox "

Donna, Nanoose, BC

" An unforgettable 5 days aboard the COLUMBIA III, a "bucket list" dream realized - all the more memorable thanks to our stellar crew of Fern, two Lukes and Steve, my "kayak kween" paddlers Suzy and Donna, new friends Elaine, Kim, Duane, John and Steve. How blessed we are to share this pristine West Coast paradise. Paddles up! "
Georgina, Parksville BC

" Fabulous trip - all we expected, hoped for and more! The whale watching was incredible - seeing a humpback breach and lunge feed was an amazing experience. The passionate, knowledgeable guiding was terrific. We loved learning about the local history, people and wildlife. Exceptional guides, cook and Captain. Thank you so much - we hope to see you again! "
Al and Penny, Vancouver B.C. 2014

" "A"/"G"&"R" orca clans all on the same day! Captain Ahab, I mean Ross, thank you for having the "taste" to hire great crew. Like Douglas MacArthur, I too, shall return, with Judy next time. "
Henry, Maitland Florida, USA

" Absolutely perfect! Thanks so much. Excited to see you all next year. "
Niki and Joe, 2014, booked for 2015 nine night GBR tour

" It was a blast, exhilarating fun, terrific food. "
Xox Jill, Calgary, Alberta

" It was an amazing trip. Really neat. Hopefully will see you again. Maybe in the Great Bear trip. "
Jim and Jules, Australia

" What a warm welcome, peaceful, and exhilarating time we had on the COLUMBIA III. The pristine vistas, the ecosystems with all that we saw, the cultural life, past and present is worth preserving for us all. It was a privilege and honour to share this unique and wonderful adventure. It was a treat to be in the company of Ross, Fern, Steve and Luke who all shared their incredible wealth and breathe of knowledge and extreme hospitality! We were treated royally aboard the mothership! Warm love and friendship. PS: you spoilt me totally with the food! "
Jill, Calgary Alberta

" Thanks so much for a fabulous trip! We will never forget this experience. We may return! "
Glen and Yvonne, Western Australia

" Amazing, awesome, spectacular! So much more than we could have even imagined. The crew was fabulous - we were so well taken care of we almost felt guilty! Everyday just topped the previous with the things we saw and the areas we traveled. We couldn't have picked a better group to hang out with. It was a cool bonding experience. Thank you so much for an amazing birthday! - what a gift. "
Darcy and Laura, Cranbrook B.C.

" Best trip ever!! "
Jo and Chris, Toronto Ontario

" You kept all the promises you didn't even make. We are afraid we used up all the luck for other tours! Thank you for rewriting our personal history for "most memorable holidays" and thanks for all the whales "
Christian and Barbara, Vienna Austria

" Thank you for inviting us to join your family for a few days. You are wonderful hosts. We have enjoyed touring with you and can't believe your connection with the orcas - how did you call them in so close to the COLUMBIA III? Excellent guiding by Steve and Luke. May your dream continue to be shared by many. "
Rhylle and Graham, Australia

-Great Bear Rainforest Fall kayaking-

" Thank you so much for an amazing experience kayaking in the rainforest. Each day was interesting and I loved every moment. There are so many aspects of the trip that are memorable, from hanging out in the wheelhouse with Ross, to chatting with Fern in the kitchen and to quiet moments just gazing out over the bow in solitude. The food was amazing and creative Fern. Thank you !! And not to forget Tavish and Steve for their knowledge, patience, humour and enthusiasm: it was all AWESOME! Rain or shine you guys were always on. This truly was a great memorable experience. I wish you all blue skies, calm seas and many more magical moments aboard the COLUMBIA III. A big hug to all of you. Love,"
Mary, Burnaby, B.C.2014

"We came with very high expectations and all were exceeded!
- fellow guests: 10+
- wildlife: 10+
- food and drink: 10+
- hospitality: 10+
- friendships: 10+
Thank you for everything including the education and life lessons: 10+
Chances of return visit: 10+"

- Jim and Joyce, Aurora, Ontario 2014

" Elusive black wolf disappearing into the thick forest, great grizzly bear swimming by our boat and skinning a salmon, shy otter eating sea urchin, stealth seal always watching, amazing sea creatures and stunning scenery - and yet - the highlight of this adventures were the people, Captain Ross, strong and talented Fern, the gentle and playful boys, Steve and Luke, smiling Kristina, thank all of you for helping to make a memory special that I will never forget all the days of my life. "
Gayle, Lopez Island, Washington USA

" We had such a wonderful time! Not just kayaking, but the natural history, wildlife, everything. We love all four of you and feel lucky to have found so many new friends with the other guests. We cannot thank you enough for this. "
Bobby and Mike, Washington USA

" I am so thrilled that I can cross-off #1 on my bucket list! I have been dreaming of this trip for more than 5 years and it was awesome, way beyond my expectations. I will return, hopefully with husband Jonathan in tow! Will certainly recommend COLUMBIA III to all though I may risk not being able to secure a place in the future when I want! "
Pam, Kelowna, B.C.

" Your family, the boat's legacy and the incredible places you share with your guests is an amazing gift for someone who misses living on the coast. It's been a homecoming and I'm awed by the beauty that is here and hidden from most people experiencing it. The food and journey have nourished our souls. The stories and laughter will stay with me. Can't wait until next time! "
Alison, Calgary, Alberta

" Great peoples, great landscape and perfect weather! Keep on going slow . . . Thank you for a wonderful week! "
Riki and Klaus, Austria

" Another great kayaking trip! Great scenery, great wildlife and always something to see and enjoy! Many thanks for your hard work, knowledge and gentle manner dealing with all of us. "
Allan, Alberta Canada 2010, 2014

" Thank you so much for a fabulous week. Your hospitality and kindness were amazing. You all are masters of customer service. I will plan on returning to this magical place. "
Joey and Margie, Colorado USA 2014

-Great Bear Nine Night kayaking-

" Things not to be taken for granted: Of course this coast is incredibly rich and beautiful. Of course the crew really know their jobs. But the warmth, grace, good humour and downright family feeling took this trip a BIG notch higher. Lots of people put lots of time and work and heart into protecting this country, its wildlife, and it communities. "
Thanks! Dick, Seattle, USA

" The rainbow at the end of the driest Great Bear trip ever. Thanks to the weather gods, the Raven and the Eagle, the humpback and the otter, the Cedar and Bear and Jelly, the Wolf for his songs and footprints, to the Wind and the Ocean, to Rowan for the best meals on any of many trips we've experienced, to Luke for depths and puns and service and sweetness, to Steve for birds and leadership and camaraderie and, and, and, and, and, and!!!!!! And mystery. "
Lynn and Malcolm, Seattle, Washington, USA

-Pacific Wild Support tour-

" Dear Ross, Farlyn, Tavish and Steve, So wonderful to spend time with you on the COLUMBIA III. Thank-you for supporting Karen and Ian's work - hard to think of anything more critical - the Great Bear a jewel that must be saved. Like my last trip with you, I learned so much, and I leave inspired and ready to help. THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge, beautiful boat and lovely food. I feel so fortunate to know you all. You are all welcome if you find yourselves in Ventura! Love "
Jane, California 2011, 2014

" To the Campbell Clan! And Steve of course. A week in middle earth restoreth the soul and the food nourisheth the body soooo delightfully - what a hell of a trip - Thank you all and Pacific Wild for a dream time - the forest primordial will stay with me forever. "
Marianne, Tennessee, USA

" Such an unforgettable adventure! From mossy naps and grizzly gallivants to divine meals, hysterical rope tricks and kelp symphonies. What a blessing to be aboard the COLUMBIA III. Many, many thanks to Ross, Tavish, Farlyn and Steve for your extraordinary hospitality and for the week of a lifetime. Much love, "

" Its hard to translate into pen and ink how inspirational my all to brief time as your guest on the COLUMBIA III has been. Your unstinting and genuine hospitality reflects this place and all its beauty and hidden surprises. I just don't have adequate words to thank you:
- Ross for your captainly indulgence and sense of humour,
- Tavish for your limitless knowledge and boundless enthusiasm,
- Farlyn for your generous heart and fantastic cooking,
- Steve for your good stories and patience with neophytes.
Thank you and much love, "

Daniel, Denman Island BC

" You're one hell of a group of humans. The work you are doing here on our coast is integral to all of us, so thank you, not just for an amazing trip, but for your efforts in keeping this place intact for all humans. "
René, Victoria BC

2013 Guest Book Entries

-9 night kayaking tour in the Great Bear Rain Forest-

" As always, rain or shine, a great time aboard the Columbia III. So it goes after six weeks total [5 tours with us] in the GBRF there is still more to see. To be continued??"
Scott. Maryland, USA 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2013!

" Thanks so much Columbia crew! This was our second trip with you and our first time in the Great Bear Rainforest. You do so much to make this trip comfortable and fun. We wish you all good luck in your endeavours over the winter and into the future. Stay safe. Don't be surprised if you see us again. Yours, "
Mark and Lily. Vancouver, Canada 2009, 2013

" I hope you know what a super crew you are: Fern for the wonderful meals; Ross for your sense of humour and the confidence you give us with your captain's skill; Luke for your great patience, graciousness and immense knowledge of all things in nature; Steve also for your patience and competency in the kayaks! It was great to meet you Steve and to get to know you better, Fern. You truly are special people and we've enjoyed our days with you in the GBRF once again! What a privilege also to see so much wildlife. "
Love Enneke 2007, 2008, whole boat charter 2009, 2013

" Thanks for the opportunity again to see the magic of the BC Coast on this very special ship, with such a special crew! The wildlife sightings were very wonderful and paddling the islands and lagoons is sooo good for the soul! Everyday was wonderful! Many thanks. "
Rob, Vancouver Canada 2007,08,whole boat charter 2009, 2013

" A HUGE "Thank You" to the crew for going the extra distance to make this trip so comfortable and fun! One of the best we've be on J We loved every minute of our time out here in the GBR on the CIII with MSA J "
Xxoo Roger and Rose, Rochester New York, 2013

-Great Bear Rainforest tours 6 night tours-

" My 4th trip to the GBRF and WOLVES!! Not to mention all the other wildlife! And you should have seen the wildlife ashore!!! OMG!!!! Prunella, Greg and Kathy, Murray, Elaine, Willa and Paul, Shawn and Dale - all ready for prime time stand- up! Columbia was rocking with laughter!
It's all been said before but it bears repeating, Captain Ross, Luke, Steve and Farlyn, FIRST CLASS ALL!!!! Many, Many thanks.
In gratitude,

Thank-you for providing one of the most wonderful ten days of my life … Never have I seen such attention and accommodation to the customer's needs as I did on the Columbia III. "

Pat, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013

" It was absolutely wonderful in every way. And I think you are so important for this great and unspoiled area. "
Charlotte, Switzerland 2007, 2013

" Thank you for a wonderful trip, we enjoyed every minute - perfect weather, excellent cuisine, nothing was too much trouble for our guides, Steve (Eskimo roll) and Luke (calm as). Tavish you looked are us well as our captain and fountain of whale knowledge. Seeing the lone wolf howling on the beach will never be forgotten, neither will the many humpbacks we saw including mother and youngsters. All in all, the Great Bear Rainforest trip was just an amazing and special experience J "
Suzanne and Mike, Australia

" Many, many thanks to you all for an amazing trip. Being on the COLUMBIA III tops my list of "best expeditions ever" and we can't express our gratitude for being included over the last week. I really appreciated the "guest" status you so graciously donned for me in particular. A very restful, enjoyable trip with the most hospitable, knowledgeable, fun, professional, organized, passionate, funny, interesting, good-looking (need I go on?) crew ever. Thank you, "
Karen and Ian McAllister,

" No words are strong enough to describe this amazing experience and the professionalism of the crew. "
J.F. Marleau Sea Kayak Instruction and Leadership Systems

" When we first read that many guests came back more than once, we thought "Why would you do the same thing?" Now we get it - each trip will be different based on weather and wildlife. We will be back. What an incredible experience in such a beautiful remote place. Couldn't ask for more knowledgeable guides - and everyone still cheerful and welcoming at the end of the season. Our only complaint is the food was too good! Great crew and mix of fun guests (my thoughts that I'd be in my room reading didn't turn out . . . didn't read a word ... would have missed on the great conversation and laughter. "
Thanks, Kathie and Greg, Oregon USA

" This has been the most beautiful " perfect-in-every-way" trip I have ever been on. Thank you. I feel balanced and calm and know that I will be back. Namaste "
Sheila, British Columbia, 2 tours in 2013!!

" Thank you so much for this incredible trip - everything from the boats, to the beds, to the wonderful meals, to the brilliant guides, was just perfect. This was a much appreciated immersion in the Canadian wilderness - such a wonderful time. "
Leslie and Gregg, Oregon, USA

" Thanks so much for sharing this enchanting part of Canada with us. The guiding, the cooking and skippering was all over the top! And thanks for one of my best birthday parties ever . . . Now for another 75!! "
Best wishes, Betsy and Ralph Ontario, Canada

" Stunning, unforgettable, completely soul and spirit satisfying. GRAND BOAT and crew! "
Chase and Jim, California/British Columbia

" Ross, Luke, Farlyn and Steve: Our 4th trip did not disappoint. We love you all and the COLUMBIA III and will be back. Thanks for another perfect adventure. How DID you gather all these dolphins to dazzle us? Love and peace. "
Bill and Donna, 2007, 2007, 2008, 2013

" To the COLUMBIA III crew. 2nd trip and you continue to amaze! Steve it was great to re-connect (I have tried to simulate your stroke over the years), Luke fantastic job as always, Farlyn, ... just WOW! Amazing food!! Ross, well, uh, we didn't sink, so I guess you did ok. Ha! Ha!
Seriously, you all and the BC coastal waters hold a special place in my heart. I MUST return. All my best, "

Mike, Washington, USA 2007, 2013

" And a again, another wonderful week with the COLUMBIA III's magic - sun, laughter, tranquil moments, and experiences shared by First Nations story- tellers - and orcas and humpbacks and +++++ We look forward to our third visit! "
George and Sue, Ontario Canada 2009, 2013

" A wonderful week of wildlife , beauty, fabulous food and lots of learning, Couldn't have been nicer. I love this pampered paddling experience J Many thanks to you all. A fabulous experience! "
Teri and Bob, Idaho, USA

" Another wonderful adventure on Mothership Adventures! Love this boat. Lots of great sightings. Spectacular food and crew. Thanks for all the great sightings. Thanks again, "
Mary, Idaho. 2012, 2013

" COLUMBIA III It's always so amazing. Always something new. This may have been my second trip but not my last. I will be back again. I'm already anticipating my nest trip. Take care! Thanks again. "
Janet, Alberta, Canada 2007, 2013

-Broughton Archipelago-

" An amazing week! Thank you for making every aspect of the trip memorable! We couldn't have asked for more! You exceeded every expectation. Great kayaking, super guides! Great whale, bird, bear and giraffe spotting. Thank you captain Luke. Amazing meals thank you Fern. We will never forget it all. Would love to come back one day! Can't believe all we saw ... "
Colin and Nadia, Toronto

" It is such a pleasure to have high expectations and have them surpassed. Thanks so much for an awesome trip. "
Kelly Ontario, Canada

" Another amazing trip. Great scenery, great paddling, great food and great hospitality. We really enjoyed the entertainment - orcas, humpbacks and porpoises with dinner and fiddle and banjo music to end the night. A truly great trip with and amazing crew. "
Peter and Val, Alberta, Canada 2012, 2013

" Thank you all for the awesome trip! Food was fabulous and plentiful! Wildlife and whales were wonderful! All of the crew went out of their way to make very special memories for us. Loved having the "floating B&B" meet us at the end of each day and take us on further adventures to see your homeland,. Hope to travel with you again. "
Mike and Robbie, Washington, USA

" Should you like WOOD work, mechanicals and stuff, this boat is a joy. Every day you find another amazing installation. Ask for a tour of the Engine Room!! Check out the plumbing, investigate the Wheelhouse electronics! "
Dave, Ontario Canada

" Thank you so much for sharing your magical corner of the world. Your hospitality, knowledge and constant smile made discovering all that this coast has to offer that much more enjoyable. And discover and explore we did! The orcas, the humpback whales and now dancing porpoises at the bow. WOW. A trip we will remember a long time! Thank you. PS, the night time paddle was the most magical moment ever! "
Chris and Anne-Marie, Germany. 2013

" Thank you for a week of non-stop joy! We had so much fun being out on the water with the two Lukes especially knowing we were coming back to Erin's cooking and my old friend, Ross. The scenery and the wildlife were gorgeous and the company delightful. We had a magical time!
With all our best wishes, now and always, "

Karen and Geoff, British Columbia

" Dreams realized are precious and this realized dream is all the more precious for being shared I an open generous and good-humoured way. This wonderful boat is now so broadly owned it seems like a public institution! Many thanks for Captain Ross, 2 Lukes and Erin. "
David Moulton, Colorado, USA

-Boomer Jerritt Photography workshop-

" Thank you so much for bringing us into this wonderland on your beautiful boat. Everything about the trip was a treat to the senses . . . The company was delightful and the amount of laughing decidedly beneficial. Best of luck with the rest of your season and hope to travel with you again. "
Stacey, British Columbia

" Thank you all: Farlyn's amazing cooking, Luke's guiding and sharing his encyclopedic knowledge, and Ross for his expert "taxi driving" and sense of humour. "
Cheers, Eric British Columbia, 2011, 2013

-Kayaking kills workshop-

"Thank you for such a magic time out here! It is such a gorgeous boat, obviously much loved, and we learned so much. The food was fantastic (cook book please!) and you were all wonderful hosts. Bob and I loved every minute! With hugs,"
- Lee and Bob, British Columbia

"Stellar excursion and many thanks. Your trips surpass each other and are the "model" for others. Many thanks,"
- Sean, British Columbia 2012, 2013

-Artist's workshop-

"Thank you so much for such an amazing trip on the COLUMBIA III. Great time and super food and perfect hosts, words don't say enough! The art was fantastic but mine has a long ways to go! Definitely hope to be back, many thanks,"
- Tom and Jen, Vancouver, British Columbia

"Enjoyed the trip tremendously. Nancy and I both hope to be back!"
- Mike and Nancy Svob, Vancouver British Columbia

"Another delightful few days on the COLUMBIA III. Thanks Ross and Fern. The boat is looking terrific and everything is copasetic. All the best and thanks for your friendship."
- Robert Genn, Vancouver, British Columbia 2010, 2011, 2013

"Grateful thanks to Fern and Ross, Erin and Jeannette for introducing me to things and places and ideas known and unknown. A wonderful four days that will last a lifetime."
- Lynn, Vancouver British Columbia 2013, and booked for 2014

2012 Guest Book Entries

-Jeanette Taylor History Cruises-

"Such a lovely boat and combined with weather to die for around beautiful islands. Enjoyed the stories that Jeanette has researched - made for an informative cruise. Thanks for everything."
Ron and Jean, British Columbia

"A wonderful trip that couldn't have been better."
Don, British Columbia

"This was a trip of a lifetime!! Thanks for making it happen and for bringing the COLUMBIA III back home. You are special people."
Stephanie, British Columbia

"COLUMBIA III - Tim III Thank you so much! Hope to see you again soon."
Tim, British Columbia, 3 time guest

-Kayaking Skills tours-

"The entire trip surpassed my expectations! The scenery was great, vessel is one of a kind and with the staff and service, all was 101% in my view and I do hope to return. Thanks."
Sean, British Columbia

"Thank you for a lifetime experience ? This family business of love, not only of your surroundings but of each other, flows through all that you do. It felt like a privilege, an honour not only to visit this beautiful, bountiful place, but to experience the gentle instructions, hard work and competent crew of beautiful people. Thank you for a glimpse of your world. "
Bonita, British Columbia

-Boomer Photography Tour-

"To Boomer who gave me the confidence to learn about my camera and not be afraid to try different shots. What and great experience! To the crew who are so good at what they do!!! Good to see in our young people. The most awesome fun on a ship! (1st time) I will recommend it to friends who ask about it. My photos will be a great keep sake. Keep sailing."
Mary, Saskatchewan

"Each experience in your life is a treasure forever and this trip is another unbelievable experience! I will return home with a new lease on the next part of my life because of the people on this trip. The learning was never ending! Thank you to Boomer and the crew! My life has been made richer because of you and the new friends I have made!"
Sylvia, Saskatchewan.

"An amazing experience! You are an extraordinary team, Boomer included! The stories brought much to this trip. Sharing the dramatic potlatch in Alert Bay was an exceptional shared memory. So much was learned, the scenery was amazing. The rain is part of our west coast experience and the blue skies a delight. Thanks, with much gratitude."
Anne, British Columbia

"What an wonderful experience and photography learning. The fulfillment of a dream. Many thanks to Tavish, Luke, Gem and Boomer. I look forward to the next time,"
Lynn, British Columbia

-Great Bear Rainforest Artists Tour (Artists for an Oilfree Coast)-

"Many thanks for sharing your love of the incredible place, above and below. We are all connected. Great to meet you, your ship and this wilderness. Look forward to the next time!"
Dave McEown, British Columbia

"Thanks for an incredible journey into the heart of the Great Bear! Thanks for your generosity and the spirit of the coast. Outstanding in every way!"
Dianne Bersea, British Columbia

"Ross, Fern, Farlyn and Gem, thank you so much for the most amazing hospitality. You really showed us an amazing slice of the Great Bear Rainforest. Thanks for contributing to the very important cause of saving this place - it is going to take each and everyone of us."
Sherry, British Columbia

"This has been such a remarkable journey - from your generous hospitality to the unbelievable coastline. You have provided this wee group of artists with an extraordinary adventure. The memories will fill many paintings! Thank you for being such a key part of this fight to keep oil from these shores. Hugs to you all,"
Peggy Sowden, British Columbia
PS. The meals were amazing!!"

-Broughton Archipelago-

"Dear Columbia III crew: Although I earn my living writing, I can find no words to describe this week's journey. The scenery, the food, the friendship have been incomparable. Jim and I appreciate your attention to your guest's pleasures. Thank you for making this a positively memorable experience for us. We will definitely share the good word about Mothership adventures. Best wishes for many fair sailings."
James and Pamela, Ohio, USA

" Thank you so much for an amazing experience that taught me so much and gave me new opportunities to meet amazing people. These past couple of days I made a new family, which consisted of a lot of laughter, teasing, and fun. Waking up in the morning after a night of great sleep and knowing that I had a full day of adventures and joy was a great feeling. I know that not many other people will get to enjoy this boat and all of the great people that come with it, but I'm so grateful that I did. Thank you Farlyn for all the great meals and warmth, thank you Luke and Robin for stopping at nothing to make sure I was comfy and safe, and thank you to Ross for being hilarious and the boat driver. I hope to see you all again soon."
Ellie (13) Arizona, USA

"Thank you all so very much for the wonderful trip! This adventure was my senior trip and you made it very memorable! The information and memories that I have gained from this experience will stick with me for the rest of my life. I am now an avid fighter for salmon rights and I'm definitely against the oil pipelines. Farlyn, the food was wonderful: breakfast, lunch and dinner! Ross, you are a great skipper and your light-heartedness keeps the mood positive. Luke, thank you for being a great guide leading the way and being helpful. Robin, thank you for always having a great attitude towards everyone and keep working out those massive guns!! I hope to one day come back and share more adventures with you all!!!! So unitl then my best wishes to you all and good luck with everything."
Drew (18) Arizona USA

"Felix and I really, absolutely loved this trip. We were in awe of all the marine life and spectacular beauty we witnessed. I can't thank Charlotte enough for her willingness and ability to alter the menu to keep us on our vegan diet. We are very grateful for Luke and Steve for their expert boat operation and guidance. Both deserve the title 'Doctor of Boat Operations'. Thank you to Robin and her amazing stories of tackling the raw beauty of this incredible water world. Her courage and tenacity were outstanding. I hope to return for the Great Bear wilderness trek very soon! Very sincerely,"
Virginia, New York, USA

"Thanks so much for the amazing week. You guys are stars. Every aspect of the trip was perfect, and you made it appear effortless. I appreciate it more than I can express."
Dave, British Columbia

"Dear Super Crew: I am changing my will. My daughter will get the house, but all my savings will go to 'Save the B.C. Coast'. Thank you for opening my eyes to this wonderful world."
Alicia, British Columbia

"What a lovely bunch of folks you are! Thanks for being such wonderful hosts and hostesses for us and ambassadors of British Columbia. The knowledge we gained of this area is immeasurable but will last us forever. There was not a particular aspect of the trip that stood out- they all were fantastic - the food - the crew - the accommodations- all spectacular! Thanks for sharing this with us."
Jim and Pam. Ohio, USA

"You far exceeded my highest expectations! Many, many, many thank-yous!"
Lee. Wisconsin, USA

"This has been such an amazing week for us. Thanks in large part to your warmth and giving spirits. It was special to be able to celebrate my 61st birthday with all of you and the friends we made here. The food was wonderful all week! Kayaking was the best we've ever experienced and the Mothership, our home for the week, was awesome! Can't think of a better way to see this special part of the world . . . Would recommend it to anyone looking for adventure on the water. It surpassed all or our expectations. Warmest regards!"
Andy and Lise, British Columbia

"Dear, Luke, Fern, Steve and Luke!!! Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU . . . a million times, Your superb hospitality and reverence for this great ecosystem is inspiring to me. Though the scenery is grand and beautiful, what I was fortunate to see in the four of you was even more memorable to me. Thank you!"
Noella and William Ontario, Canada

"Thank you so much for such an unexpected blessing! Everything seemed perfect - the beautiful boat, amazing hospitality, handsome and knowledgeable guides, ever-ending nature viewing, perfect weather, and a fun and interesting group to travel with. This was an incredible and serendipitous experience! Thank you so much."
Odette, British Columbia

"Thank you for ANOTHER incredible trip. Outstanding hospitability and knowledge to share!! I think we saw almost everything there was to see . . . grizzly bear, black bear, orca, humpback whales, 3 kinds of porpoise, harbour seas, sea lions, a plethora of birds and a myriad of undersea life too!! AMAZING!! Loved the guides."
Dianne, British Columbia

-Great Bear Rainforest-

"What a joy it has been to be with you and all of my new friends. To Luke and Steve, thanks for your gentle yet excellent leadership. As a relative beginner in kayaking you gave me confidence and inspiration. I love your sense of humour. To Ross, a master story teller, thanks for putting yourself afresh into the story of the men and women who served the Lord on this boat without regard to low pay and to endless hours to bring help to the pioneers of this area and to the native people of this great land. Thanks for being a worthy bearer of their story and congratulations for staking all that you and Fern had on a dream. We delight with you on the success of your adventure. And to Fern, what a wealth of grace and talents and passions for adventures and land and people and food and music . . . Oh my !! As I learned from you and all my fellow travelers: life can be lived much beyond what expectations I may have had to the present and on things that don't require much money but do require a dream. That's an inspiring start to my retirement. With gratitude,"
Bill. British Columbia

"Thank you for sharing your home, your time and lives with me. I came longing for a place, you brought me here. My soul has been filled and I am happy. Best wishes"
Dale, California, USA

"We are so glad we did a 'return' trip. Scenery was so beautiful, food wonderful and the crew great as always."
Kathy and Pierre, California, USA

"Dear COLUMBIA III, Wonderful trip! Wonderful crew! All sorts of new and wonderful experiences. I have loved BOTH trips with the COLUMBIA III. I will see you again on another trip!!"
Patra. Arizona, USA

"COLUMBIA III. Thank you for a phenomenal trip. Great food, great guides, good friends and wonderful time. The bears were extra special! Enjoyed it greatly and plan to return for more experiences and adventures. Thanks you."
Mary. Idaho USA

"Wow, what a SUPER adventure, AGAIN! Thank you to this very special crew that has yet again made such a great impact on my travels and as always have/give such TLC always!! Tav, Farlyn, Steve and Robin what a wonderful time!! I certainly hope to be back and experience yet another trip. Take care and all the very best for HEALTH and HAPPINESS. Big hugs,"
Stella, British Columbia

"Each trip keeps getting better and better. Many thanks for the paddling, food and overall great and fun experience. Cheers,"
Ross and Lynn, British Columbia

"Off the grid in the Great Bear Rainforest. Nothing could be better. Beaches, bears, waterfalls and whales, otters, kelp, shellfish - the WORKS - But the crew was the best - patient, informative, thoughtful. Really couldn't have been better - you guys are the best - THANKS - for opening a whole new world for all of us. Kayaking, camaraderie and constantly changing landscapes - A special place, a special crew and a special journey."
Gordon and Nancy. London, England

"Superlatives all around!! This is trip #2 on the COLUMBIA III for the Gardner family and it is delightful to see the evolution of this wonderful family enterprise. Being part of your family for 9 days has been a treat. Luke has become a master guide/naturalist (and congratulations to him and Miray for hatching Theo), Ross, the consummate captain, Fern and Tavish were not on the 2008 trip and are both very special. Unsurpassed weather and great wildlife completed a week which we will cherish for years to come."
Pierce and Sylvia, New York, USA

"Dear Ross, Farlyn, Luke and Tavish, If there were more families like you in Canada, our natural heritage would be preserved for generations to come. I am in awe of your knowledge, competence and good humour. Thank you for the humpback whales, Kermode bears, howling wolves and 14 grizzlies. Your whole family is an inspiration for me."
Nalini, Ontario, Canada

"Everything aboard the COLUMBIA III unfolds with a deceptively unhurried competence - meals, excursions, navigation. There have been far too many highlights to describe here but two demand mention: being surrounded by humpback whales, and watching four wolves howling at dusk. A memorable and inspiring voyage."
Tim, Ontario, Canada

"Tony and I can't thank you enough for all that you have allowed us to experience. I have seen everything that I dreamed of seeing and more! It was so nice to come back to the boat at the end of a long paddle and see Ross and Fern's smiling faces. The COLUMBIA III provided all the comforts of home and then some (especially the extensive library). Luke and Tavish were a wealth of knowledge and experience and we always felt safe and well cared for. I truly hope that you enjoy doing this for many years to come, as it touches so many lives. May it always be a labour of love."
Sherry-Lynn and Tony, British Columbia

"Life in the Great Bear Rainforest September 26th - Oct 5th, 2012. Charter Ok, ok, so the weather was great, the crew was terrific, the cuisine was 'formidable' and we witnessed up close and personal every critter currently living in B.C.'s answer to the Amazon. However, of greater significance for myself was the thrust and parry of wits with Ross, our unkempt, wardrobe limited leader whose unfailing good humour compensated for a litany of personality quirks such as cutlery dyslexia, manic obsessive table setting, crustacean homicide in an open boat and an inability to curb his enthusiasm for bad puns. Despite his strong character and determined moral fiber, I consider my conversion of Ross to the dark side by joining our group in the evening ritual of martini hour one of the singular achievements s of my quiet, dedicated and monastic life. Sic transit Gloria."
Cheers Paddy. British Columbia

"By the end of 10 days it was like a trip with old friends - thanks to the warm and welcoming spirit of Ross, Fern, Luke and Tavish. Great food, great scenery, great paddling and very special wildlife. I now see the West Coast in a whole new way - the sea life, the vegetation and those wonderful large mammals. A special experience. Thank you very much."
Judy and Peter, Alberta Canada

"Thank you for a magical 10 days. We were blessed with good weather and abundant wildlife sightings. Thank you for your unfailing good humour; sharing your extensive knowledge of the B.C. coast; and for the comforts of this lovely ship which, from a guest's perspective, runs with seamless precision."
Mark, Ontario Canada

"Dear Ross, Farlyn, Tavish and Luke. I can't imagine having more fun on a holiday. I'm looking forward to my next adventure on the COLUMBIA III."
Carol, Ontario Canada

2011 Guest Book Entries

"February, 2011 by post: Here is our registration for 2012 in the Great Bear Rainforest We are looking forward to another trip on the Columbia III with its wonderful crew. Dan and I enjoyed it so much, truly spoiled us in every way. Hope you have a great 2011 and we will see you in 2012."
Lynne, BC Canada

"Ross, Fern, Miray and Luke, What an exceptional trip this was. I can only echo the sentiments of my fellow guests. It exceeded what expectations I had. I loved Ross' history story which brought tears to my eyes. I am sure the people who have gone before you as custodians of this treasure of a boat are smiling. The wildlife was amazing and so plentiful. We were blessed in so many ways. Thanks for keeping our bellies full, our hearts warm and our core muscles busy with paddling and laughing. Hugs,"
Pat. Alberta Canada

"Another visit to this extraordinary place will be in my future. I look forward to seeing this beautiful family and this noble ship soon. Best,"
Dave. B.C. Canada

"Dear Campbells. To such gentle hearted people , my deepest thank you. I'll remember this amazing voyage forever."
Chris and John, Idaho, USA

"Ross, Fern, Miray and Luke,
This experience far exceeded our expectations. We felt at home on your boat and as part of a large family with the guests and with you. With deep appreciation for the skills you each possess and coordinate to educate us, feed us wonderfully, keep us clean, dry and safe. We thank you for an outstanding 10 day adventure. The Columbia's story, as you told it Ross, brought tears to my eyes as I felt for a brief time I shared the space of history this boat embraces. Thank you for sharing your selves with us and for allowing us the opportunity to experience this region in the best possible way. Sincerely,"

Laurie, California, USA

-Robert Genn Cruise-

"A dream vacation! Thank you for sharing your piece of paradise and thanks for a magical trip!"
Lianne, B.C.

"Absolutely fantastic- the trip of a lifetime! We could not have had a better time. Skipper, you did a marvellous job and Fern and Miray, your culinary skills are simply unsurpassed. A holiday to treasure."
Jill, B.C.

"Fabulous trip again! Thank you so much for your hospitality and wonderful food. Excellent work on arranging the whale, dolphin, racoon and seal shows!"
Susie, B.C.

"Fabulous voyage of discovery! Satisfying in all respects! With thanks,"
Don, B.C.

"I love the proud ship Columbia III. Her proud history and her great future with an inspiring crew. Great trip. Great Company. Thank you for your hospitality."
Dennis, Alberta

-Lillian Hunt: First Nations Cultural tour-

"With a long journey across the world from Australia to Canada and then to join the Columbia III tour was worth all the hours in cramped plane seats. We were so privileged to learn about the First Nations people and visit the big houses and ancient middens. We delighted in the play of the dolphins and the grace of the whales. Best of all was the wonderful company of our fellow passengers, Lillian our cultural guide and the wonderful Farlyn, Fern, and Ross. Thank you!"
Heather, Mark, Sarah, and Simon, Australia

"This journey will never be forgotten. I hope to return very soon to learn more, laugh more, make new and wonderful friends and to enjoy the fantastic food! Thank you so much to Farlyn, Ross and Fern for wonderful hospitality and wonderful company."
Sarah, Australia

"Ross, Fern and Farlyn, We were treated to perfection - great touring with fabulous scenery, wildlife company, food and evening games. Thank you for an amazing experience!"
Donna, Alberta

"Thank you so much Ross, Fern and Farlyn for the glorious voyage through awesome terrain and First Nations history. Add in terrific food, fun company and fantastic marine performances. In short, a truly wonderful time for which I am truly grateful."
Michael, B.C.

-Kayaking Skills Tour-

"Luke, Tavish, Miray and Gary,
Thank you all for a great adventure. It was a first class operation from start to finish. Thank you all again."

Joe, B.C.

"Tavish, Luke, Miray and Gary,
Thank you so much for an amazing experience and another memorable memory to add to our list. We had such a good time, all made possible by you people and your kind and generous hospitality. We hope to join you again in the near future. Thank you so much again."

Ian and Lee, B.C.

"Luke, Miray and Tavish,
Thank you so much for a truly wonderful experience- you were all so helpful and encouraging. It was a lovely trip! Thanks for helping me get into the "whitewater"!"

Alyssa, B.C.

-Broughton Archipelago Kayak Tour-

"Dear Fern, Ross Luke and Steve,
Thanks for an amazing time! The pride that you have for both the Columbia III and the beautiful countryside that surrounds you is very evident in your desire to share it with those who vacation with you. The food, the fellowship, the amazing scenery and the wildlife were spectacular. Thanks for helping us to share a memory that will last forever."

David and Theresa, Texas, USA

"Dear Columbia III,
It was six mornings in paradise! Your passion for the sea and it's live was contagious. Thank you!"

Sharon and Murray

"To the Columbia III family and crew, We are grateful and deeply moved having experienced such a lovely week! Everything was perfectly wonderful. All the very best to you,"
Bettina and Rolf, Germany

"Dear Ross, Miray, Luke and Farlyn,
Thank you very much for sharing your Columbia III with us this week. We have had an amazing time. You made every effort to make our expedition perfect! Thank you for your hospitality and expertise. We wish we could stay for another week. We have thoroughly loved our trip!"

Buzz and Virginia, Montana, USA

"What an amazing week- from start to finish! From the wonderful hospitality to the gourmet food, the astounding scenery, the wildlife - the list is endless. This has been a holiday I will never forget. Thank you so much Fern for your fabulous cooking, to Ross for his sense of humour (and finding bear fro us!) to Miray for all her fascinating insights into the history of the First Nations peoples, to Robin for always being there just at the right time, and to Luke for his knowledge, his endless patience, and all of his hard work in ensuring we were always comfortable, and for his fabulous photos. Thank you all. We'll be back!"
Julia and Pel, Australia

"Ross, Fern, Luke, Miray and Robin, where does one begin? Words cannot express how truly wonderful this trip has been. This adventure was beyond perfect in every way. Thank you for making it all possible."
Cathy, B.C.

"I can't thank you enough for such a fabulous experience. It was all over the top. Your family makes us all feel so welcome and included. I look forward to next time! Love,"
Jane, B.C.

"This has been an amazing week. Every day was like a dream come true. The msrine life was never ending! The crew was superb! The meals were awesome! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
Georgina, B.C.

"Thank you for a great trip-much better then expected. The crew, the cook and the guiding was fantastic- very patient and attentive with us "seniors". We'll remember this as one of our best trips ever!"
Paul, B.C.

"Seven days was too short. This trip was more then kayaking. A little community grew that gave more then expected and will enrich memories of our time together. Thank you for making this happen, and thank you for the memorable birthday. You have an impressive crew. Our understanding of the shores and waters were deepened by Miray and Luke's intelligent approach to our paddles. Till next time,"

-Great Bear Rainforest Kayak Tour-

"What a terrific way to spend a birthday week… great paddling, superb weather, delicious meals and delightful company. The wildlife completed the experience. This was an outstanding, unforgettable adventure and you are terrific hosts. Thank you!"
Ellen and Rick, Pennsylvania, USA

"The trip has been much more then expected. I am thankful for being able to experience the mysterious it's creatures, and the friends I have made on the Columbia III. To Ross, Fern, Tavish and Steve, you have been a great crew. "
Ursala, B.C.

"Thank you so much for an experience that I will never forget. I have never seen such beautiful scenery and the paddling was great! The meals were super, the best I have ever had. The crew took such good care of us. A special thank you to Tavish and Steve. They are the best!! Thank you for the wonderful memories. I hope to return. Sincerely"
Paula, Alberta, Canada

"It was an amazing trip with amazing scenery. The fjords and waterfalls were simply breath taking. I loved paddling at low tide and seeing all the marine life and the watching the grizzly in the early morning was a highlight. A special thanks to Ross, Fern, Tavish and Steve for all that you did. It has been a trip that I will always remember. Thank you!"
Peter and Val, Alberta, Canada

"My utmost thanks for an absolutely wonderful experience! I will definitely recommend you to other adventurous souls and I would love to travel with you again. Warmest regards,"
Anna Kim, Pennsylvania, USA

"Luxury in Paradise! Thank you Campbells."

"What a trip! We can never thank you enough for all the memories we will carry with us from the great adventure to the Great Bear Rainforest. The food, the music, the kayaking and the education of land and sea. We will remember you always. Thanks again for such a wonderful trip."
Koger and Marcie, Colorado, USA

"Amazing! The landscape, the wildlife and divers marine life, the drew, the food- Everything was amazing. This was an unforgettable trip. I will carry the memories with me for a lifetime. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
Amanda. Colorado, USA

"To Columbia III's crew, We loved every minute of your tour of the Great Bear Rainforest. The boat is a classic - so well maintained. Thank you crew for delicious food, good music, and your knowledge of this beautiful area,"
Sean and Becky, Colorado, USA

"I came to fulfill my buck list to salmon spawn. What an amazing sight. This trip was a gift for my soul. It is something I will never forget. Thanks so much to Captain Ross, Luke, Miray, Tavish and Robin. You made us feel so at home on the Columbia III. The food was amazing, the scenery breathtaking and the serenity unequalled. I will be back. Many thanks!"
Patty, Texas, USA

"An experience to remember! The variety of outings and sights was amazing. The family of mothership guides pampered us and we were never in doubt or in need of help."
Don and Marion, B.C. Canada

"I enjoyed kayaking in style with no worries of camping or cooking! The guides were very knowledgeable and had infinite patience."
Sharon, B.C. Canada

"Your generosity in sharing your beautiful Columbia III, your knowledge and your incredible part of the world is very much appreciated. You have made this trip unforgettable. Thank you."
Helen, Australia

"You fulfilled all my expectations and wishes and more. Many thanks."
Joy, B.C. Canada

"Amazing scenery, outstanding kayaking, delicious meals and wonderful company. Thank you all for an unforgettable experience!"
Lisa and Brett, Colorado, USA

"… Impressive piloting and a most professional ability to establish safety and confidence. A class act by an exceptionally able family. Great time. Thanks! "
Stan, Ontario, Canada

"Miray and Luke, Thank you for your patience, guidance, and knowledge, Fern, Thank you for your fabulous meals and unending energy. Ross, I thank you for your humour and keeping us safe. We will never forget you and the experience we have shared. Cheers,"
Gerry. Ontario, Canada

"Ross, Fern, Luke and Miray, How do I say thank you for deeply enriching my life? My heart is overflowing with feeling totally alive. Big hugs,"
Tricia. Ontario, Canada

2010 Guest Book Entries

-Robert Genn Cruise-

"Ross, Fern and Miray, thank-you for the privilege of traveling on your precious vessel."
Robert Genn

"Fern, Miray and Ross, your care and spirit were felt every moment of this voyage. Now I have painted in a wheelhouse, and a beautiful one at that. Best- "
Beverley, Ontario

"A terrific experience. Wonderful to meet you in person after years of years of news letters! And thanks to the kind and generous crew! Hugs,"
Karen, Whistler, BC

-Jeanette Taylor: Settler's History-

"Long live Bute! It was fabulous the whole trip, the mountains, the rivers, the kayaking, the food. Captain Ross, Fern and Miray were wonderful. The loan of the camera made me ecstatic. I would love to return the favours in any way I can. Jeanette was wonderful too and above all I loved the COLUMBIA III and the history told by Ross brought a tear to my eye. With love and will come again."
Vicky Husband Victoria B.C.

"Fern and Ross Thank-you so much for sharing your wonderful boat with Kim and me. It was a great trip thorough spectacular country that you made accessible and welcoming. Your obvious love of this land/water made it all so much more welcoming. Your hospitality was astonishing as well as your patience and kindness. Thank you, thank you, thank you again!"
Kim & Allen, Vancouver B.C.

"Jeanette, I loved reading your books and articles so meeting you in person, getting to know you and listening to your wonderful telling of tales has been a delight. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, love of the people and culture of the beautiful area. I'll be scanning "good" spots for pictographs with a new, keener eye having had this time with you. Many thanks."
Kim & Allen, Vancouver B.C.

"This was a magical trip for me more beautiful than any place in the world with people I enjoyed so much. Great food too and interesting history from all of you. My second trip with you tops for beauty, serenity, ambience of the B.C. coast. Organized, presented and all to the best level. Thanks."
Jim, California, U.S.

-Alison Watt: artist workshop-

"You have a truly beautiful boat. Just being on it is a perfect vacation. Add art and sunshine and a little rain and great food and company. PERFECT!"
Diana, B.C. Canada

"Bestest Fern, Farlyn and Ross, On so many levels, this has the best time and it's a beginning. You have been able to share a splendid community time - beauty, basics and camaraderie . . . only we didn't lend a hand! Thank you,"
Anita, B.C. Broughton 2010, Great Bear 2010!

"Beyond my expectations in everyway. Thank-you so much for taking such great care about my weird diet!"
Maureen, B.C.

-Lillian Hunt: First Nations Cultural tour-

"Ross, Fern and Miray, Great eco-cruise with many highlights, both cultural and natural. Fabulous food and endless service with a perpetual smile. Good Luck,"
Peter & Alison, B.C. (See Alison's Tourism-Review article)

"I totally unplugged, unwound, regrouped and rediscovered the wild woman within me. A great experience! Thank you, thank you."
Linda, Iowa Broughton Archipelago 2010, Great Bear Rainforest, 2010.

-Broughton Archipelago Kayak Tour-

"I absolutely loved the whole experience, especially the time with my mom."
Leslie, Ontario

"After an eternity . . . I finally got here! It was such a wonderful experience, the wildlife, never ending information and superb hospitality. Not to mention the openness of all the staff especially the enthusiasm of Ross. Much joy and success."
Joanne, Australia

"What an experience! 4 species of cetaceans in one day. I so enjoyed the guides: their patient explanations, their encouragement and their knowledge and analysis. Thank you!"
Janet & David, BC

"To the Columbia III team, What a wonderful wilderness tour - kayaking, walking, sailing!, nature guides and more. Taking home the experiences, memories, photos and recipes! We will be back . . . PS Best service and cooking."
Sue & Mike, Australia

"This has been a trip beyond all imagining! Thank you for your attention to every detail, from expert navigation to amazing food to non-stop laughs. You made our family feel truly like part of your family. We will always carry fond memories and enormous gratitude for making this one of the best trips ever. Perfect in every way!"
Jan, Peggy, Geoff, Lara, Lucy and Madeline, California

"We can't thank you enough for our wonderful trip on the Columbia III. Your warmth, the hospitality, the accommodations and the gourmet meals made this an amazing trip. The chance to kayak I breathtaking surroundings, 30 plus orcas and four humpbacks took it right over the top. We hope to return!"
Dave & Pauline, Florida

"Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing with us your love of these enchanted islands, straits and bays. We appreciate all you did for everyone = gourmet food cooked in a galley kitchen, expert and patient kayak guiding, detailed explanation of sea and marine life, an impeccably maintained ship . . and Irish tunes! All provided with grace, patience and willing smiles. We appreciate all the hard work you put into making this a magical adventure."
Lisa & Larry, California

"Dear Luke, Miray, Tavish & Farlyn, Thank you for a great adventures! Thanks for making us feel at ease from the first moment we steeped aboard. Your love of the B.C. islands, its wildlife and people shines through in everything you do. It was a sincere pleasure to get to know each of you. All the extras - the spectacular food, the music, extra care for the old folks and the "Landlubber", the recommendations from the library - are very much appreciated. You send us home with renewed appreciation for the island way of life and the importance of wild salmon. Sincere best wishes,"
Steve & Donna, New Jersey USA

"The crew of the CIII: Thank you for the unbelievable adventure, Thanks Luke for safe passage. Thanks Miray and Tavish for guiding and the expert information. Thanks Farlyn for the food we will never forget and the recipes. Thanks to all of you for making us feel at home and for your caring attitude. We wish you all the success in your endeavours with Mothership Adventures. With our deepest gratitude,"
Tony and Christa, BC

"This is really a great, fantastic trip!! We like the boat so much: it is so clean, the shower is better than in a hotel and the beds are fine! And the food . . . we sure eat too much, but we can not say, "No!". It is delicious! We will meet again! Many thanks,"
Mike and Tineke, Netherlands Great Bear 2009, Broughton Archipelago 2010

"Many thanks for such a wonderful time. The were so many adventures with wildlife (a toss up for best between the white-sided dolphins, orca or being allowed to steer) and the patience and quality of the guides and Captain, Chef Tavish, was much appreciated. Great food, thanks for the recipes, and oh, such a wonderful library, too. It was a great group to travel with. Until we meet again, the very best all."
Francie, BC. Broughton 2010, booked for Great Bear Kayak Tour 2011

"It's hard to describe our feelings that we experienced this past week on the Columbia III. This trip truly was "a trip of a lifetime", from the scenery; wildlife; food; stories; history; and kayaking of course. The guests were all terrific with lots for fun and laughter. We would love to do this again and hopefully we'll again meet our new found friends!! Thank you so very much for making us feel so special and sharing your love and respect for our beautiful West Coast."
Pam & Ed, Ontario

"What can I say - so much more than I expected. Great family that made us all comfortable and welcome. Being alone on this trip, - never felt alone! Loved sharing time with you "up front" [the wheel house]!! The food was also amazing, thanks Farlyn!! Hope to see you all again some day."
Kerry, Ontario

"We rank this vacation one of the very best. All of our expectations where more than met - family, new friends, great food and of course fantastic wildlife. The Columbia III is a beautiful historic ship and staying for a week was a special experience. Best wishes always,"
Joe & Iris, Florida

"Thank you Fern, Ross, Miray and Luke, for making this such a wonderful and unique experience for us. Families are so special. Your knowledge, experience, warmth and hospitality were beyond our expectations. We plan to come back. All the best."
Joanne & Jory, Ontario

"I had a wonderful adventure aboard the Columbia III and hope to see you all in Ireland some day."
Niamh, Ireland

-Great Bear Rainforest Kayak Tour-

"A fantastic trip for us in every way. Thank-you all so much for all the great experiences you have introduced us to: breathtaking scenery, fantastic food, wonderful wildlife and great company. It was a privilege to spend time this your family and with the Columbia III and learn a little about the past life of the boat. Arohanui."
Ian & Sandy, New Zealand

"Thank-you so much Ross, Luke, Steve and Tavish. The Columbia III is good for the soul! You offer such experience, education, real depth of understanding of the natural world in the context of the unique area's history - so respectful and heartfelt too, with warm regards. I hope our paths cross again."
Anita. Victoria BC (2 tours this summer!)

"Your sense of playfulness, your wisdom, your knowledge, your commitment to your planet, your community, your craft and your guests, were an inspiration for all of us! Thank-you!"
Joan & Dave, Ontario

"Great Adventure! Fabulous food! Wonderful fun! We loved it all!"
Betty-Anne & Gary, North Carolina

"Calm, peaceful, inspiring, exciting - thank-you so much for an unforgettable journey. This was an experience of a lifetime."
Larry & Carolyn, Ontario

"The great team on the Columbia III: (Ross, Fern, Miray, Luke) came highly recommended by my old friends Geoff and Barb, and they way exceeded my expectations - and my thanks for running such an enjoyable operation."
Steve, California

"Oh, Columbia III "the Gem of the Ocean" especially on the B.C. Coast! Another memorable trip into a corner of heaven on Earth! Thank-you for your patience, knowledge, skills, and warm welcome, making us feel like we have been visiting family! Highlights? Dolphins, definitely the amazing ride with the dolphins, and the breathtaking rainforest scenery, flora and birds. Hope our paths cross again!"
Geoff & Barbara, California. 2006, 2007, 2010

"It was a great experience for me to learn a great deal more about this wonderful country. Thank you Ross, Fern, Miray and Luke for this unforgettable vacation."
Regula, Switzerland

"Dear Mothership Family, thank-you for such an awesome trip and for taking such good care of us on the water and on the Columbia III. We appreciate your genuine friendship and generosity throughout the week! We know your business will thrive and prosper. Cheers! "The Columbia is coming!""
Patsy & Phil, California

"Perfect! I don't know how you do it Even the rain. Everything was perfect! A great memory."
Linda, Iowa Broughton 2010, Great Bear 2010!

"A huge privilege to be back on board enjoying your wonderful hospitality in the most beautiful part of the world. Thank you for your great enthusiasm, kindness and vast knowledge. Until next time!"
Jon & Karen, Alberta Great Bear 2008, 2010

"Great Bear Rainforest with Ian McAllister: Your competence, your many kindnesses and that incredible attention to detail. I will forever associate the four of you with paradise. My sincerest gratitude."
John, Tennessee

"Thank you so much Fern, Ross, Miray and Luke. This has been the best of trips. From the whales to the spirit bears to the photogenic grizzly and beyond. Mike and I wish you all the best in the coming year. We will see you in the future. Warmest regards,"
Mike & Maureen, Alberta

"Thank you for an amazing week in such a fantastic part of the world. The images you helped me to capture - humpbacks, spirit bears, grizzlies, phenomenal coastal scenery - will be put to good use for years to come in my efforts to help protect this place we all love. And the human connections on this trip are something I will also cherish and hopefully continue to develop. The sense of humour, knowledge, and adventurous spirit of the crew and guests on this trip made for a thoroughly enjoyable time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what has surely been one of the most memorable and inspiring in my life. Sincerely,"
Damien, BC

"The coast of BC is a wonderful BEAUTY!
Thank you for bringing it closer to us.
It was an unforgettable trip.
Stay as you are, you're so GREAT!"

Ben & Irene, Switzerland

2009 Guest Book Entries

"I am so, so appreciative of all the care and attention that went into making this trip so special for me. I am extremely grateful to be able to see the coast in such incredible comfort. I hope to be fortunate enough in my life time to be part of one of your adventures again. THANK YOU! You are very, very special. Thanks to Ross for the great love of his ship!"
Sylvie, BC

"It is truly a special group of people who can welcome others into their lives, their home, their family and a place they feel so passionate about. Thank you for sharing your beautiful boat, your knowledge of the coast, and for all the great times. I will never forget the whales, the underwater creatures, the games, the laughs and most of all the people. I hope I can join you again some day. Thanks so much for one of the best weeks of my life."
Heather, BC

"For all the moments of wonder, laughter, inspiration and peace: thank you.
For feeding hungry bellies with sumptuous cuisine: thank you.
For keeping this beautiful boat sparkling: thank-you.
For telling the Orcas that we were coming: thank you.
For keeping the local history alive: thank you.
For taking such god care of us on the water: thank you.
For sharing your guitar and flute and whistle music with us: thank you.
For being such a fun, harmonious family: thank you."

Murray, BC

"Thank you for such warm hospitality. I've never had a vacation where every detail was attended to."
Lisa, Ontario

"We have never seen a boat so well cared for and restored. A true pleasure. We have never been guided so competently and patiently through verdant virginal terrain. We have never parked next to a fog bank at the seeming edge of the universe and had the glassy sea burst forth with the cacophony of porpoise pods on the hunt for breakfast! We have only been honoured once before by the majesty of the Orca and the Humpbacks. We will treasure all the seals, sea-lions, eagles, birdlife and they will renew our resolve for the caring for the planet.
We have never had such nourishing lunches, dinners ad breakfasts, Surely we have never had a scone fashioned by Farlyn burst forth with flavour. Lastly, a true pleasure to be with you as a family being nourished, educated, pampered in such a companionable way.
For all of this and much more we are grateful and in awe with affection and respect."

Bob and Verna, Maryland

"It was great to be back on the Columbia III. This trip was beyond words. I hope to see you all very soon!!! Thanks for the great company, food, humour and kindness."
Niamh, Ireland. 2008, 2009, and rebooked for 2010

"Many, many thanks for yet another extraordinary ten days in Paradise. As a "three-peater" I wondered how this trip could possibly compare with my previous two to the Great Bear Rainforest . . . . It was the BEST yet. Can only use superlatives in describing this wonderful experience, and it's all been said before. You four are the BEST! Thank-you."
Pat, Pender Island. 2007, 2008, 2009

"What an amazing combination of 5 star paddling, food and new friends. I never thought biology/ecology could be such great fun. We'll look forward to doing it again."
Rick and Sandi, Texas

""Mothership Crew" THANK YOU! Another great trip, and this time to the Great Bear Rainforest. So pleased our vacation time worked out to allow us the chance to visit the area with you. You were so welcoming again. Great food, great paddling, great friends. Until next time."
Anton and Sarena, California. 2005, 2009

"Dear people, You have a wonderful boat!! I liked all the smart spaces . . . It was wonderful that you stopped for all the whales so we can see them so well. You know we love the wild animals the most and so we were glad to see the bears. And even though we had rain, that was a nice experience too! You are four wonderful people and very kind to everybody. That's great!! And it was amazing how much Luke new about everything. We thank you for this beautiful 6 days!!!"
Mike and Tineke, Holland. 2009 and rebooked for 2010

"You guys are fantastic! Each of you has been so generous and done so much to make this the trip of a lifetime. I will remember it always. It has been fabulous. Thank you"
Pat. BC

"How can I possibly describe this trip to others? Impossible. They will have to come and see for themselves. Thank you for opening my eyes to so much. I hope to be able to come again."
Cathy, Ontario

"Had an incredible tip. Thanks for everything. See you next year, I hope. Great guides, great food, amazing scenery. No way it could be better than this."
Carrie, Oregon

"Thank-you so much for everything you did for us on this trip. We had only kayaked twice before and you set us at ease and showed us a great adventure. We saw animals and landscapes we couldn't have imagined and your hospitality was amazing. I know its is a business, but I feel you let us all a little into your family life, thank you so much, you are beautiful people and we'll remember this journey forever."
Mark and Lily, BC

"Thank you so much for a great week. I asked every family member for their highlight of the week:
Lywke: playing the violin and the food
Anne: the humpback whale
Sybren: the single kayaking, every minute of it
Casper: viewing the orcas
Wytsle: too difficult to choose but the wolf was great. But also the kayaking, the great food, and all the great company of the group. We will remember forever."

Wytsle, Netherlands

"We came form Washington DC to experience the natural beauty of British Columbia and got SO much more. Thank you for welcoming us to your home and for sharing the incredible bounty of the land, the sea and your knowledge. Our fellow guests were lots of fun. We hope this is not our last time with you on the Columbia III. Food, fun and First Nations, it was all spectacular!"
Susan and Samuel, Washington, DC

"What a wonderful experience of nature close up. The food and presentation could not be bettered in the fine restaurants of the world. The company has been excellent and the laughter constant. Thank-you for your service, willingness to give us every opportunity and your lovely personalities. We would love to return."
Margaret and Vaughan, Australia

"I am always moved by people like yourselves who are willing to share their expertise with novices like us so we may experience the incredible adventure on the most beautiful coastline in the world. Your passion, and love for the Broughton make us feel hopeful for the preservation of this area. Memories for a lifetime. Thank you."
Love Neil and Brenda, Alberta

"Ross ~ hello Skipper! You are a cheeky lad, a scamp, a jolly good bloke. Miray ~ gosh, you are a woman of many talents. Thanks for the great guiding, the jovial chatter, the informative chat about the orca, and the Irish music festivities. Luke ~ that smile is a winner, a winner, a winner. Cheers for all the enthusiasm you ooze, for being a jolly grand kayak guide and for playing the guitar like a legend. Claudia ~ food, glorious food! Thanks for putting divine meals on the table morning, noon and night. You people run a good, tight, hospitable ship. The memory will be with me forever."
Love Tracy, New Zealand

"This has been a wonderful, memorable trip. Many thanks. We will be back."
Anne and Doug, BC

"Truly an amazing adventure! Each day brought a new wonder: orcas, bears, dolphins, tidal creatures. Fern's gourmet kitchen is unequaled by any land lubber's bistro. But of all the many gems, the best was the warm welcome into your talented family of adventurous souls. May the wind always rise to fill your sails."
Stephen and Sandy, Chicago

Words used to describe the magnificent Great Bear Rainforest. Some could also be applied to the beautiful mothership and her caring, competent, professional stewards and crew. You four made this a truly unforgettable experience for us all. It truly was a trip pf a lifetime. From the grizzlies to the humpbacks, the Spirit Bear to the hot springs, paddling in the rain to that spectacular star show last night. Your music, your enthusiasm, your knowledge, your skill, your wit - all enhanced our enjoyment of these ten days and allowed us to step out of that "real" world into this almost dream world. It's been a trip! Thank-you. Our warmest wishes for continued success on the Columbia III."

Barb 2008, 2009, Lou-Anne, Niamh 2008,2009, rebooked for 2010, Pat 2007,2008,2009, Jane, Kevin 2005, 2007, 2009, & Pat, BC, Alberta, Ontario, Ireland, Washington

2008 Guest Book Entries

-Desolation Sound Kayak Tour-

"Heaven on earth! Great Boat! Great people! Great Food! Great Places!"
Pete and Jean, BC

"Thanks for everything you did to make this an unforgettable trip. So glad to be aboard."
Alison Watt, BC

"Thank you each one of you for making my trip a very memorable one. You are a great family, a wonderful host and hostess and a tremendous cook. Your seamanship kept us safe and our zodiac adventures were exceptional. Many memories made with photos of a lifetime. Thank-you."
Poppe, BC

"Thanks for sharing your wonderful scenery, boat, history, cooking, family and environment with us city folk so we can get a glimpse of everything that is right in the world."
Anne, BC

"What a wonderful adventure! Loved every minute. Many thanks for the scrumptious meals! The patience and knowledge of our guides was greatly appreciated. Can't wait to see the "Great Bear"."
Ellen, Ontario

"Second time aboard the Columbia III and I am sure there will be a third. The weather was great and a nice group of ladies to share the experience. Thanks so much!!"
Ann, BC 2007, 2008

-Broughton Archipelago / Johnstone Strait Kayak Tour-

"I will arise and go now
And go to the Mothership.
With a wee cozy cabin
With bed and porthole there.
With crew skilled and ardent too and live with them
On the ocean blue.
And I shall have some peace there.
For peace comes soaring down,
soaring on the wings of the eagles
To where proud islands stand.
There days are all a glimmer
With food and sights galore.
And evening
Fresh fish to catch tonight.
I will arise and go now,
for always night and day
I found there laughter, kinship
midst dolphins off the bow
And as kayaks floated
Past sea stars, whales, plum rose.
I hear it
In my deep heart's core."

Andy and Linda Ontario (with apologies to "The Lake Isle of Innistree")

"A week that was so full it expanded to a month. Remarkable sharing of friendship, music, laughter, nature and more laughter."
Bob and Karen, Ontario

"Thank you all for such an amazing journey! Your hospitality, humour, knowledge and kindness made this trip an amazing adventure to remember. I will never forget the amazing humpback and dolphin 'shows', the beach walks and, of course, fabulous meals! Let me know when the Columbia III cook book comes out. Hope to see you all again in the Great Bear Rainforest."
Janet, BC

"Thank-you Ross and crew! This has been a great experience for me. This is my first organized trip. I can say that from the boat right through the food, crew and kayaks, you are "1st Class!" I will be recommending your services to friends. Thanks."
Keith, Montana

"An amazing trip with wonderful wildlife and scenery. Thank you so much for your knowledge, patience, great sense of humour, even Ross's puns!! Hope to see you next year in the Great Bear Rainforest."
Niamh, Ireland. 2008 and rebooked for 2009

"A journey to remember and cherish. We expected great paddling in spectacular scenery and perhaps a glimpse of orca ... little did we know! Humpbacks, orcas, bears ... Thank you for making this available! Safe sailings for the coming decades!"
Anna-Leena & Matti, Finland

"A magical trip of a lifetime!!! Thank-you for changing our lives."
Donna and James, BC

"Thank you so much to the Campbells and Hyatts. The Columbia III experience was beyond all expectations - the boat, the food, the scenery, the kayaking. All quite secondary to the opportunity to join your family for a few very special days on the high seas. Hope to see you again soon!!"
Brad, BC

-Great Bear Rainforest Kayak Tour-

"A surly skipper, an unhelpful crew, inedible food, and unfriendly fellow passengers! Thankfully this was far removed from the truth. Reality was a truly memorable and thoroughly enjoyable trip. Many thanks to Ross, Fern, Miray and Luke for the excellent hospitality to make this feel more like a visit to best friends rather than a first encounter with new people. Not to mention the fantastic scenery, unforgettable experiences, food to die for, and much, much more than we are able to write here. I suspect we will be keen to return."
Steve, Anne, Stephen, and Carey, England 2008 and rebooked for 2009

"Once again, thank-you very much for the nice time we have had. We enjoyed very much the hospitality, the healthy meals, the paddling, the nature and the wildlife. It was great!"
Heidrun and Bernd, Germany

"My first trip to the Great Bear was in 1998 as a graduate student, and I remember with vivid detail the encounter with my first "Great Bear".
This trip was different. I travelled in the company of friends, explored infrequently visited areas and was miraculously transported from inlet to inlet aboard the Columbia III.
Of course, seeing the bears was once more thrilling and magical. But the trip was truly made memorable by the crew of the Columbia III. Professional, hospitable, kind and fun, they helped us see this place during the day and entertained us at night.
I am eternally grateful for another amazing trip to the Great Bear - impossible without the Columbia III. Safe Sailing."

Sanjayan California. Head scientist, The Nature Conservancy

"To the crew of the Columbia III,
My profound thanks and gratitude for a second adventure into the Great Bear Rainforest. Equally as impressive as last year's!
Your enthusiasm, gracious care of us and seemingly endless knowledge make these ten days fly by. It is a bitter sweet day heading back to Bella Bella this morning, but the wonderful memories of shared good times will resonate in the months ahead.
Until we meet again . . ."

Pat, BC 2007, 2008 & 2009

"So . . . Columbia III and the family that is your crew - Thank-you for taking care of all the many aspects of the voyage so well that I was able to simply rush off without concern and experience completely the adventures of the Great Bear Rainforest.
This trip truly "strikes a cord" with my need to have adventures and challenge, and be spoiled rotten!! A very decadent, exciting, fun voyage on an historic ship that I'd love to do again."

Barb, Ontario

"We had a magical week, with great paddling matched with weather. The Rainforest is a place to love, cherish and preserve. Our four stewards we what made the trip even more special. Fern's meals were fit for paddling royalty. Ross's expertise guided us day and night in a calm, respectful manner. Our next generation is in good hands with Luke and Miray as guides, companions, just wonderful, knowledgeable people. We hope to join you again soon."
Paul & Grace, Washington

"In search of the Spirit Bear . . . Memories
Majestic fiords
Forest mists
Quiet inlets
Rushing streams
Eagles soaring
Salmon spawning
Whales breaching
Sea otters cavorting
Grizzlies prowling
Black bears falling of logs
The swish of paddles
Sun diamonds on water
Green sea anemones
Ross at the helm
Fern's kindness
Miray knitting
Luke's smile
Ross's stories
Luke's gumboots
Miray's wool hat
Fern's kitchen aromas
Camaraderie, laughter, and friendship
What an unforgettable experience made possible by the paddling and nature passion of the four of you. Thank-you for sharing this with me. The memories I take home are priceless."

Deborah, Ontario

2007 Guest Book Entries Totems

How did you find the service?
- "Truly well thought out and covered every need."
- "Extraordinary! Cheerful and always helpful."
- "Five Star! Can I take you all home?!"
- "A-ONE, TOP NOTCH and always gracious, with a smile!"
- "Over the top and PRIMO. We had a super time!"
- "It could not have been better!"
- "Outstanding service. Everyone made me feel very much like home."

The food?
- "A highlight of the day, three times a day!"
- " Top notch. Interesting and a treat."
- "Fabulous! Halibut and capers was my favorite."
- "Print that cookbook! Hearty, tasty, excellent".
- "Wonderful. Lots of fresh veggies! Delicious salads."
- "Incredibly good!"
- "Oh my goodness it was fabulous".
- "Gourmet was an appropriate and accurate description of the food."
- "Simply the BEST". Wonderful variety and flavour, we awaited each meal with eager anticipation."
- "The meals exceeded expectations."
- "Unbelievable! Make a cookbook pllleassse!!!"

The accommodation?
- "Five Star, beds comfortable, ample storage, good lighting, perfect temperature."
- "Really comfy and warm."
- "Accommodation was clean, the facility was spotless, the beds were comfortable."
- "Comfortable bed, clean - make that "sparkling clean" head (washroom) and more stowage room than you would expect on a boat."
- "As befits the Queen of B.C. waters".

The Guiding?
- "Great! Just the right amount of time. The guides picked out things that we would have missed."
- "Very good, we learned a lot."
- "Excellent - variety every day and I always felt safe."
- "Very knowledgeable and informative. Made me want to learn more."
- "Couldn't be better."
- "Superb! Miray and Luke knew all the great beaches, grizzly sites and spectacular kayaking waters."

-Desolation Sound Kayak Tour-

"What a fabulous holiday you hosted for us. All our fears 'flew out the door' the minute we were on board the Columbia III. What a wonderfully warm, gracious and talented family you all are! The scenery was spectacular - excellent choices, the boat was perfectly cozy and artistically beautiful, scrumptious gourmet meals and unbelievable live Celtic music!! What more could anyone ask for on a holiday?!! Please book us for your next art-adventure!"
Bob and Marjorie, Victoria B.C. 2007

"Definitely was a trip of a life time! Such a warm and thoughtful family! Where else can you luxuriate in music of the Irish, delicacies from the chef, comfortable accommodations and the hearts and souls of wonderful people! So creative and warm!"
Marjorie, Victoria B.C.

"A totally enjoyable trip. Food and fellowship superb. The Columbia III is an incredibly beautiful ship as is the area she plies. The food and service was marvelous. All were extremely knowledgeable and informative. Great Trip!"
Carol, B.C.

"We have enjoyed the spectacular scenery, the kayaking and the gracious family hospitality. Thank-you for the wonderful week."
Gary and Belva. Alberta, Canada

"You have enriched my life."
Don, Washington

"Creative silence, stunning natural beauty, warm camaraderie - all wrapped in the loving embrace of the family of the Columbia III. It does not get any better!"
David, California

-Broughton Archipelago / Johnstone Strait Kayak Tour-

Thank-you for what truly was an amazing and most enjoyable trip. I think I have become your best salesman because I can't stop telling people about what a great trip we had and what a fine bunch of people the Columbia III crew are. You are giving people a chance to see the best of one of the world's most beautiful spots in the very best way possible. Magic Stuff!
From me too, a warm thank-you to all of you for this lovely week! You are an impressive family. I loved it all - the kayaking along the edges was especially interesting, the food was scrumptious (every bite!) the company great fun and the boat very comfortable. Thanks for everything and see you next year in the Great Bear Rainforest!

Robert and Enneke, Vancouver, B.C. (by e-mail)

"From the "dry hat roll" to the whales, seals, and all manner of sea creatures to the exquisite cooking and cheerful and knowledgeable crew - a wonderful time kayaking and making new friends. All the very best of vacations! We'll be back!"
Jim and Kitty, Florida, USA

Thanks again to the Campbell Family!! A great coastal "experience" is created by your hospitality and an outstanding week of fun, laughter and wildlife. You create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. You keep the trip fun and are the role model experience that others should aspire to. Highlight of my summer. Thank-you.
Kevin. Vancouver BC. 2005, 2007

-Great Bear Rainforest Kayak Tour-

"Simply magical. Everything from the food, the sights, the people and the unparallel hospitability made this adventure unlike any other. Thank-you for opening our eyes and sharing this beautiful land with us. Your enthusiasm radiates throughout the ship bringing excitement and curiosity around each corner. We feel so fortunate to have embarked on such a remarkable adventure. Thank-you and we hope to see you soon!"
Zack and Abby, California

"Having booked nearly a year in advance and coming for the second time my expectations were high and yet exceeded by all that was seen and experienced. Thanks."
Scott, Maryland 2006, 2007 and rebooked for 2008

"We're quiet and reserved - we're almost back to 'reality'. As I look around at the books and the couch and windows I wonder about all the people that have come on this boat before me. They thumbed through the pages of Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest, and sipped teas with their feet curled up under them on the couch. We come for a week and this boat becomes our home. But we all leave eventually (we were lucky enough to get 9 days of adventure). I find myself amazed by your generosity of spirit that you can continue to open your home (your baby, Ross) and give us all experiences of a lifetime. I thank you for what you've given me, and because I'm neither the first nor the last, you have my respect and admiration. Thanks for putting up with 'us' all. Love and hugs,"
Katie, Ontario Canada 2006, 2007

-Jeanette Taylor's History Tours-

"Many thanks for the great trip to add to our store of memories. The crew were very knowledgeable and accommodating. The food has been delicious and abundant. Jeanette's store of stories and history of the islands is impressive. Fern and family's love of this area is evident."
Cic and Helen, Victoria B.C.

"This was our first boat trip. We found the scenery spectacular, the guide most informative and responsive to any questions we had. The food was superb and the crew made us feel almost like family. The small group size (10) helped the group to really come together."
Gerry and Rosalene, Victoria B.C.

"Difficult for me to express words beyond perfection in all areas of our trip with your group."
Ed. Victoria B.C.

"Ken and Barb loved the trip, the Columbia, the crew, the guide, the food, the wine - WOW - one excellent adventure!"
Qualicum Beach, B.C.

"For seven days and seven nights
we thrilled to scenes of memorable delight.
Both visual and edible and sometimes spiritual too,
our group was guided by the four Campbell crew.
Up muddy beach and up overgrown trail,
our historian leader did prevail!
Thanks to Ross, Fern, Miray, Farlyn and Jeanette."

Group composition! Tim, Eileen, Betty, Dorothy, Ernie, Don, Leona, Lynne and Gordon all of B.C. Canada

2006 Guest Book Entries

"Well folks, what can we say... You've surpassed our wildest expectations!"
Glenn and Tracey Victoria, B.C.

"Everything we had dreamed about and more! We MUST do this again."
Geoff and Barbara, CA, USA

"Where to begin... The perfect vacation. Without a doubt, this trip was beyond anything I could have imagined!"
Linda WA, USA

"Wow! We came looking for something special and that's exactly what we got!"
Anton and Sarena, CA, USA

"If only heaven was so beautiful and the angels so nice. I hope to be back. Thanks to everyone."
Robert. Calgary, Alberta

"Everyone says there is no such thing as perfect. I have to disagree. My experience with you was perfect."
Paul CA, USA

"Words cannot describe the feelings of warmth, family and friendship I felt from your family. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart for seriously making this the best trip ever."
Paul CA, USA

"I have never so thoroughly enjoyed every minute of a week. Everything has been more wonderful then we could have ever dreamed!"
Lisa and Shane, Calgary, Alberta

"If life is measured by the people we know and the experiences we have, then we have all grown immeasurably over the last week."
James, Ontario

Desolation Sound Kayak Tour

Kayaks on Beach We can't find words to express the wonderful time we have had
Gordon and Alison - Toronto

What can I say-Canada has never looked more beautiful and the trip was more then I ever could have imagined- wonderful people, wonderful scenery, wonderful wildlife and even wonderful weather. And the Columbia III itself-that's a whole other story. I felt very privileged to experience all these things from such a beautiful little bit of history.
Zenia - England

Many thanks for the most fantastic week. The opportunity to explore this fantastic part of B.C. on such a lovely old ship with her fabouls crew has been a real treat. Thank you for making my 60th birthday a very memorable occasion. We will return!
Chris and Marilyn - Emerson, New Zealand

A "classic" cruise with a venerable beauty of a vessel, on friendly seas with companions of experience and intellect. Clear brilliant skies, magnificent wilderness. Paradise!! … Mahalo in Hawaian - Thank you…
B.A., Honolulo, HA

(A) Special time for me was in the evening when the oil lamps were burning (with) quiet moments of conversation and laughter. A most pleasant way to make my first sea kayak adventure.
K.S. - Calgary, AB

The scenery... was magnificent – the "Columbia" was wonderful... it allowed us to cover so much territory and was so comfortable. It eliminated concern about the weather.
J.B. - Heriot Bay, BC

The "Columbia" has to be the most beautiful boat on the coast. Coming back to it after a day of paddling has been a definite joy, everytime. I've enjoyed the hardwood, the brass, the experience and your low key, but all encompassing hospitality.
K.S. - Ottawa, ONT

View from starboard

Broughton Archipelago Kayak Tour

It was a trip of a lifetime. I will always remember it.
Richard - Pentiction B.C.

Spectacular! Paddling was delightful, food out-of-this- world, ship perfect size, class, etc., and awesome guides. You have a great team.
Jim and Kay - Montana, USA

Thank you for a rich, rich adventure! A splendid vessel, magnificent scenery, wildlife, paddling, food, and a warm, wonderful family.
Honour - Saltspring Island B.C.

My appreciation of this experience is indescribable. Every tingle in my toes to the tip of my head are thankful, so very thankful for all your hard work and this wonderful genuine gift of your gorgeous west coast.
Diane - Vancouver B.C.

Unique and amazing experience. Thank you for sharing the ColumbiaIII with us. The kayaking, waterways and natural life was beyond expectations.
Heather - Austria

A memorable week for sure on the venerable Columbia III with its genial captain and crew and all the delicious meals either on board or picnic style on the beaches. Great to share with such a congenial group of fellow guests the daily outings in the kayaks with our ever patient guides, as we paddle the serene waters and absorbed all the delights of this very special part of beautiful B.C. Thank you again for this wonderful experience.
Muriel - Surrey B.C.

A marvelous experience cruising and kayaking the secluding waters of this beautiful part of our country. A capable and professional crew and your friendliness and humor made us feel part of the family.
Jean - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Long anticipated, very much enjoyed, and to be savored for a long time.
Margaret - Calgary Alberta

Many, many thanks for a fabulous week. Great weather, lovely paddling, exciting wildlife, etc, but especially for being so warm and welcoming, patient, and fun. We couldn't have had a better week and we will treasure the memories forever.
Susan and Victor - Toronto

Thanks for an outstanding trip. The captain and crew were 'above and beyond' to ensure everyone was happy. Great boat, great kayaks, great food, in the best place in the world. First class people running a first class operation. Highlight of the summer. Keep it coming.
Kevin - Vancouver B.C.

Thank you for as marvelous experience.
Ann and Knick - Harley, Oxford UK

I came here with high expectations and you did not let me down. Everything including orcas, bears, humpbacks, weather, food, accommodations, guides, paddling etc. was perfect. When the fog lifted, the sun came up, and the orcas appeared on the last day, I came to believe that you had it all beautifully staged.
Thomas - Toronto Ont.

We shall never forget our week onboard Columbia III, exploring some of the planet's most beautiful terrain and viewing its fine inhabitants. Words do little to convey our appreciation of the wonderful hospitality and fellowship of the talented and dedicated Campbell family. We hope that we may return one day.
Sue and Phil - Australia

Thanks for an amazing week! The food, the wildlife, the guiding, the boat, the family - all as good as it gets!
Dave - Vancouver B.C.

We've just had the most memorable trip of our lifetime and appreciate being able to travel with your entire family. It was a wonderful way to be able to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary a year in advance. The best whale watching!
Bill and Sandy - Oakville Ont.

A wonderful experience exploring, with exhilerating moments ofhaving a pod of orcas pass through our group of kayaks, sighting bald eagles, a black bear checking rocks of a snack, river otters, sea lions intermingled with much laughter, quick quips, storytelling, balanced with tranquil moments kayaking along the shores through mist, rain and sunshine plus fabulous food! Incredible!!
G.S. - Wenatchee, WA

It was wonderful being here with my family... having a picnic on the beach – siting on an ancient midden and throwing crab shells over my shoulder, like the natives would have done 8,000 years ago!
A.S. - 100 Mile House, BC

Group on deck

Great Bear Rainforest Kayak Tour

A full boat and over much too soon! Great food, great laughs, amazing weather and kayaking!. The highlights were the wolves, the bear and the salmon streams. There will never enough photos to capture the memories of this extraordinary voyage!
Deanna and Steve - Calgary Alberta

What a treat to spend this time with such generous hosts! You are a wonderful and well informed family regarding the environment. We appreciated the fabulous food and impeccable boat.
Cindy and Keith - Kelowna B.C.

Thank you so much for a fantastic week! We felt like we were part of an Audubon wildlife adventure. Wolves, bear, salmon, seals, sea otters, amazing cliffs, beaches....I could go on and on. What wonderful hosts the Campbell family are!
Diane and Dave

We are sad to see the week come to an end; it was such a restful, fun, and memorable week. We would like to say that the best of the best on this vacation was in meeting and getting to know each of the Campbell family members. It was truly a success because of each and every one of their efforts and enthusiasm. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Kathy and Mitch - Kelowna B.C.

You were great guides and good hosts. I have always wanted to go "up coast" and I don't think there could be a better introduction. This is the perfect family, the best boat and way to have seen this area. I hope that I'll be back soon!
Brian - Calgary Alberta

Another wonderful trip aboard the Columbia III. Marvelous to be so far off the beaten track, coming back to delicious meals and great accommodation.
Peggy and Allan - Kamloops, B.C.

Thanks for such a wonderful experience: great scenery, good kayaking, great food, doog conversations, and delightful company. It has been fabulous! You have done an amazing job of bringing it all together.
Marcy - Quadra Island B.C.

We've had a great time. Words cannot capture our experience. We had many 'this is as good as it gets' days that we will always remember. It's been a pleasure sharing this time with a truly west coast family. Thank you so much for the fabulous week.
Ian and Diane - Vancouver B.C.

It was a wonderful week - your choices on where to go were perfect and the guiding was relaxed and fun. Your family is very special and their generosity and joy brought out the best in me. All and all, it was perfect.
Barbara - Toronto Ont.