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Mothership Adventures - About Us

family Mothership Adventures is a family-run business dedicated to providing you with a wilderness adventure vacation beyond your expectations, in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We are passionate about sharing our love of British Columbia's coast with our guests. Our goal is to provide you with attentive service, great food, a spotless ship and a warm family atmosphere while exploring this spectacular part of the Canada. We hope our guests return home with a new appreciation of and a deeper connection with the natural world. Whether you are joining us for kayaking, a special interest cruising tour or a custom charter we'll do our best to ensure that you'll want to return!

" The only quality that exceeds the knowledge and flexible good humour of the Columbia III is its heart. And heart is everything. "
Warmly, John Vancouver, Canada 2016

Miray Mothership Adventures operates from our remote BC west coast island home where we have lived since 1979. With water access only, boats of all sorts, even kayaks, are a daily part of life year round. Our hand built house, workshop, and office with satellite connection are powered by solar panels and a micro hydro Pelton wheel. It is here that the COLUMBIA III is tied to our dock during the off season where she receives continual care, maintenance, upgrades, attention and, as any wooden boat owner knows, a lot of our time! She is well loved!

" The Columbia III is the handsomest boat I have ever had the opportunity to board. All of your love and those who've come before you shines through every surface; elegant, timeless and perfectly cozy. But what really makes it special is the lovely crew and owners. I felt part of your special family from the first day. I so appreciate all your gestures from the biggest to the smallest. The scenery and nature were absolutely spectacular and we were blessed to see everything I'd dreamt about. But seriously, if it had been rainy and we hadn't seen a thing, I would have been happy just to hang with you in your oasis!"
- Love Martha, New York USA 2015

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"Dear Fern and Ross, the experience you have presented us in these four days has been everything we hoped for and more. It is obvious that this is a family enterprise that operates with a lot of heart and passion for the boating life. Steve and Luke were patient, enthusiastic and very informative guides - at the ready to answer our questions or help when we needed it. Fern - every meal was a labour of love delivering creative, delicious fare and freshly made! Ross - you run a great ship - taking care of so many details that make this ship shine - and have proven that you can find the whales - in calm and choppy seas - and most important - find a quiet, restful cove to spend the night. Jerry and I thank you all for sharing,"
Bobby, Newport California 2014

Ross Luke Fern During the winter months we're involved in working for the protection of British Columbia's wildlife and its habitat. We actively participate in current issues that are threatening the beauty and integrity of our coast by working with and supporting many organizations advocating for Canada wilderness conservation. Some of those organizations are listed below. We have also established good working relations with the First Nations BC in our tour areas and have signed, or are in negotiations to sign, their protocol agreements.

Luke Hyatt A priority for us while touring is to minimize our impact on the wilderness and wildlife. Mothershipping allows us to cruise and kayak through remote areas with the barest trace. We are proud to have one of the most fuel efficient and quiet boats on the coast. Out of respect for our guests and our peaceful anchorages we never run the generator during the night. A large portion of the food we serve (and always the coffee!) is organically grown and freshly homemade. Our guides are passionate about natural history and marine biology. They delight in sharing their knowledge in a relaxed and informative manner as well as being committed to your comfort and safety... and they especially know how to have fun!

Tavish Campbell
Farlyn Campbell

Our crew, vessel and company are fully up to date with all the necessary certifications.

Our four captains (Ross, Luke, Tavish and Farlyn) are Transport Canada certified.

Our guides (Miray, Luke, Tavish, Steve and Fern) are certified with the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of British Columbia (SKGABC), the Commercial Bear Viewing Association (CBVA), Advanced Wilderness First Aid, and Food Safe. On every kayak tour, at least one of our two guides has Level III Lead Guide certification (the highest kayak guide certification).

Our crews are M.O.T. certified with marine emergency duties (MED A2) , radio operators licences (ROC), and marine first aid.


"Miray - you are a marvellous guide with great intelligence and a gentle way. You remind me of a renaissance woman and the world thanks you for that. Watching you at the game table with Stan and Pat, Gerry and Tricia was a treat! You will be a fabulous mom.
Fern - You are a fantastic bit of magic in the galley and seem to have the experience of many lifetimes- thank you for sharing some of that with me. You retain the curiosity of a child, but your eyes are full of life and give insight into your wisdom. I've never met a woman so full of riches.
Ross - Your respect and appreciation for the good fortune of your commission permeated the journey. We felt your sense of privilege to be on board, and now share it. The opportunity to be part of this boats history is extraordinary. Thank you. So many spectacular anchorages, paddles and bear viewing sights and the ecstasy of seeing the mothership at the end of the day! With the strong winds we had, it was great comfort to have you in charge.
Luke - Never lose your boy-like curiosity for all things outdoors - it is a great gift to have and you share it well. Thank you for the sense of adventure you reignited in my husband. We will never forget this experience. Your kind, soft-spoken and supportive way is a gift to humanity. Thank you.
It's been exceptional to be in your presence on the boat."

Jeff and Laurie, California, USA 2011, 9 night Great Bear Rainforest

"Great to hear you guys are generating WOWs all over the place. I hear about them! Stay safe and keep the great experiences coming for you guys and your guests. You are becoming legendary my friend."
Kevin, British Columbia. 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, reserved for 2014

"The food and service would rival any I have ever experienced; the professionalism, knowledge, and friendliness of the family crew were beyond compare."
Bill Vanderford - Georgia, USA (National Hall of Fame Legendary Guide)

Some of the organizations we support:

"Columbia Crew: The trip was truly amazing. Great food, great kayaking, wonderful wildlife and most of all a great family crew. I really think that your family is more impressive than the trip itself. You really made this one of our most memorable experiences."
- Cathy & Tony, British Columbia 2010

"As a third time re-offender, I took the brilliant, double rainbow arcing 180° over the stern as an omen, and it certainly was. From salmon and wolf tracks on day 1 to sea otters, eagles, ravens, and paddling "outside" on the last day. What a trip! Congenial shipmates, Ross, Fern, Miray and Luke doing their best to make cruising, feeding, and paddling the motley crew look easy - thanks for a memorable trip."
- Ed, Washington. 2002, 2005, 2008

"We would like to say that the best of the best on this vacation was in meeting and getting to know each of the Campbell family members. It was truly a success because of each and every one of their efforts and enthusiasm. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
- Kathy and Mitch, Kelowna B.C.

"wonderful hosts the Campbell family are!"
- Diane and Dave, Kamloops B.C.

"It's been a pleasure sharing this time with a truly west coast family. Thank-you so much for the fabulous week."
- Ian and Diane, Vancouver B.C.

"What a treat to spend this time with such generous hosts! You are a wonderful and well informed family regarding the environment."
- Cindy and Keith, Kelowna B.C.

"Words do little to convey our appreciation of the wonderful hospitality and fellowship of the talented and dedicated Campbell family. We hope that we may return one day."
- Sue and Phil, Australia

"To be able to work at a job you love and have so much passion for is truly a gift. A gift that I have been able to enjoy.

The attention that you give to all the details of the trip were so special,. Details like Luke keeping eyes open to find a blood starfish, or Fern ensuring that the menu (and your kitchen) were nut free. I do appreciate your efforts so that I could completely relax and enjoy your amazing treats. Tavish was always on the lookout for whales to add to the adventure and Steve, saying just the right thing at the right time to make me not miss my family so much. . . .

I am especially impressed with your family bond. Not many families can work together and it is clear that you have worked hard to preserve a family unit which is very rare in today's society!

Thank your for giving me a week of adventure that I will remember for the rest of my life. Hopefully I'll be able to bring George next time to share in the wonderful adventure of a Mothership Tour."

- Best, Wendi, Alberta Canada 2012

"A capable and professional crew and your friendliness and humour made us feel part of the family."
- Jean, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mothership Adventures complies with applicable Parks and Land Use Permits.

The Columbia III complies with Transport Canada's Steam Ship Inspection passenger carrying vessel requirements.