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BC Business article BC Business: "Into the Wild"

Sea Kayaking BC article Just For Canadian Doctors: "Myths Masks & Medicine"

Mothership Adventures Sea Kayaking article In-Flight Review: "Mothership Kayaking"

Mothership Adventures - Testimonials

Here, you can read press that has appeared about Mothership Adventures. Our kayak tours and cruises have been honoured in many publications in North America and on the Web.

These articles are in PDF format and thus require the free adobe PDF reader.

Willamette Living article Willamette Living: "A Shipboard Culinary Adventure (PDF)" - April, 2017
Thanks to Willamette Living Magazine

Open Water article Open Water: "The Merits of a Mothership" (PDF) - November, 2013
Thanks to Sea Kayaker Magazine, Open Water.

Indian Country article Indian Country: "A Cruise into First Nations Culture" (PDF) - July, 2011
Thanks to Indian Country and Hans Tammemagi.

Transitions Abroad article Transitions Abroad: "Intimate Glimpses of Canada's Wild West Coast" (PDF) - January, 2011
Thanks to Transitions Abroad.

Pacific Yachting Broughton article Pacific Yachting: "A Cultural Cruise through the Broughton Archipelago" (PDF) - April, 2011
Thanks to Pacific Yachting.

Tourism Review article Tourism Review: "Small-Ship Cruising on Canada's West Coast" (PDF) - February, 2011
Thanks to Tourism Review.

Wavelength Bear article Wavelength: "Where the Bears Still Rule" (PDF) - Summer, 2010 (All photos supplied by Mothership Adventures)
Thanks to Wavelength Magazine.

Hail Columbia Blog Andy N's Travel Blog: "Hail the Columbia III" (PDF) - March, 2010
Thanks to Andy N.

Canoe & Kayak testimonial Canoe & Kayak: "Into the Raincoast - Mothership Touring the Wilds of BC's Rugged Central Coast" (PDF) - March, 2010
Thanks to Canoe & Kayak Magazine.

BC Business testimonial BC Business: "Into the Wild - Exploring what's left of BC's majestic Great Bear Rainforest" (PDF) - April, 2009
Thanks to BC Business Magazine.

Just For Canadian Doctors testimonial Just For Canadian Doctors: "Myths Masks & Medicine" (PDF) - March, 2009
Thanks to Just For Canadian Doctors (Facebook).

In Flight Review testimonial In Flight Review: "Mothership Kayaking - Luxury Adventure Touring" (PDF) - September, 2008
Thanks to In-Flight Review Magazine.

Good Times testimonial Good Times: "Kayaking the BC Wilderness in Comfort" (PDF) - February, 2008
Thanks to Good Times Magazine.

Islands 100 testimonial Islands: "100 Ways to Go Authentic" (PDF) - December, 2007
Thanks to Islands Magazine.

Weeda testimonial Columbia III Settler's History Tour (PDF) - October, 2007
Thanks to the Weeda Newsletter.

Westworld testimonial Kerry McPhedran: "Piggy-back Paddlers" (PDF) - Summer, 2007
Thanks to Westworld Magazine.

Adventure Kayak testimonial "Let's Go Now! - Ten Adventures of a Lifetime" (PDF) - Spring, 2007
Thanks to Adventure Kayak Magazine.

Western Mariner Columbia III testimonial "Columbia III - 50 Years on the BC Coast" (PDF) - December, 2006
Thanks to Western Mariner Magazine.

Western Mariner Columbia III family testimonial "Columbia III Family - Nurtured by the Coast" (PDF) - December, 2006
Thanks to Western Mariner Magazine.

Fishing Lanier testimonial "Mothership Adventures Paddles Through Canada's Coastal Paradise" (PDF) - October, 2006
Thanks to Bill Vanderford.

Campbell River testimonial "Remembering Columbia's Glory Days" (PDF) - October, 2006
Thanks to the Campbell River Mirror.

Peace Arch testimonial "Trip of a Lifetime" (PDF) - October, 2005
Thanks to the Peace Arch News.

Wavelength testimonial "Mothership Guiding" (PDF) - April, 2005
Thanks to Wavelength Magazine.

BC Magazine testimonial "Mothership Kayaking - Coastal Fiords and Killer Whales" (PDF) - Fall, 2003
Thanks to British Columbia Magazine.

Classic Yachts testimonial "Columbia" (PDF) - excerpt from Classic Wooden Motor Yachts, McGraw/Hill 2003
Thanks to International Marine/McGraw Hill.

Explore Magazine testimonial "Mothership Adventures - Ocean Kayaking in Johnstone Strait" (PDF) - April, 2000
Thanks to Explore Magazine.

All articles reprinted with permission from the respective publications.