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Custom BC Cruising and Kayak Tours

Create the tour of your dreams!

View of Columbia III from Kayak

Would you like to share a BC coastal cruise or sea kayak adventure with family or friends? Charter the Columbia III to celebrate weddings, birthdays, and reunions. Join us for staff getaways, family oriented tours, art or photography tours, or to simply experience a unique holiday together with a group of friends. We will happily design a tour itinerary that accommodates your group's specific interests and wishes. The possibilities are endless - kayaking, cruising, wildlife viewing, natural history, and discovering Canada's coastal First Nation's culture. All this while relaxing aboard the hospitable and elegant mothership in a spectacular landscape gives you the opportunity to create the holiday of your dreams!

Mothership guests Mothership guests in kayaks

We offer a 10% discount for whole boat charters. To be eligible for our charter discounts, tour payments must be made in a maximum of two transactions: one deposit and one final payment. Contact us for more details!

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Comments from Charters:


Great Bear Rainforest kayaking charter:

" Hello, Campbells and Hyatts,
Back when we first talked about taking the family on a trip to celebrate our 50th Anniversary I knew it had to be something we could all do together, and something the grandchildren would remember fondly in years to come. After three previous trips with your family on Columbia III we knew how terrific an experience this could be… The Mothership itself is so beautiful, comfortable and accommodating… The food is amazing… Coastal British Columbia is scenic, rich in history, and abundant with wildlife (and "sea life")… but the element that made this trip the realization of our dream was the crew of four who made it possible. I can speak for all eight of us when I say we loved Captain Farlyn, Chef Max and our very competent and knowledgeable guides, Luke and Steve. Having a family of eight ranging in age from 11 to 72, managing to engage the youngsters in educational tide pool excursions, providing highly entertaining games with sticks and beach debris, nourishing all with healthy, delicious meals, bringing us safely back to "real life"… all the while being patient, responsible and kind… all of these way exceeded my high expectations! Thank you so much for a happy experience none of us will ever forget!"

- Barbara and Geoff 2006, 2007, 2010, 2016


Great Bear Rainforest, Kitlope/Gardner Canal charter:

Mothership guests Mothership guests

" Our second voyage aboard COLUMBIA III took us the length of the Gardner canal, a very prosaic name for one of the world's most beautiful passages, and back. The Mothership and its crew (as I wrote the last time in Sept 2012) handles everything so smoothly that is seems effortless. But we know the hard work and discipline that lie behind these wonderful adventures and the extraordinary meals. My thanks once again to the crew of the COLUMBIA III."
- Tim, Ontario 2011, 2015

Great Bear Rainforest kayaking charter:

" To discover a business that is family owned and operated is indeed rare in this day and age. The benefit to the customer and the richness of experience is ever so much increased by this fact alone, combined with history, environment, wildlife and most importantly loving enthusiastic people, this experience has reminded me of the importance of living life to the full. Whilst playing childhood games on the beach, I remember laughing harder than I have for a long while, sitting around the dinner table laughing, connecting and really getting to know people, these simple things allow for growth, reflection and an all over sense of well-being. A selfish part of me wants to keep it all to myself, but I cannot understand why the world cannot benefit by a week on the COLUMBIA III. Amazing job guys, and a huge thank-you and best wishes for the future from myself and my family."
- Ross Boardman Director Sea Kayak Jervis Bay / Synergy Paddle Sports Australia. Whole boat charter 2015

New York Wolf Conservation Society/Pacific Wild Charter:

" Thank you for a wonderful week in the GBR. Your love and enthusiasm for this special place and all of its inhabitants is infectious! The Columbia III is a beautiful boat and your meticulous care is evident along every inch. We are taking home a new knowledge and special memories that will stay with us forever. Thank you again."
- Barb and LouAnn, New York. 2015, reserved whole boat charter for 2016

" Words cannot express our gratitude for everything you did for us. Opening your home to us, this majestic and historic boat, and the way you cared for us in every detail made this trip so uniquely special. You are an amazing crew and family. The BC Coast is one of the world's best kept secrets, but enjoying it with you took it completely off the charts for us! I truly hope we can return for another trip like this very soon. And thank you for what you do to help important causes and the efforts of people like Ian McAllister."
- Dan and Max. New York

Broughton Archipelago Charter:

" How can we ever thank you enough for this fabulous experience? Right down to the Dall's porpoise escort service at the end - it was perfect and unforgettable. Thank you for the cinnamon buns, the breaching orcas, the rotting totem poles, the cold white wine. I never thought I could love BC more, but now I do. We both do. Loving thanks to your all. Here's to our further mothership adventures together."
- Sarah and Tom, whole boat charter 2015


" Thanks for another wonderful week aboard the COLUMBIA III. I don't know how you could have possibly made this experience more memorable. I'm leaving with cheeks tired from laughing, appreciative of Fern's great food, and impressed with the guides knowledge of all the incredible wildlife that we've seen . . . all aboard a beautifully maintained boat! Thanks so much. "
- Phil, whole boat charter 2011 & 2014


" Truly memorable - I can't imagine a more enjoyable week. Your entire crew was so accommodating and it all flowed so seamlessly - great scenery, great food, good people and a phenomenal experience. "
- Bryon, Toronto, whole boat charter 2013

" The COLUMBIA III continues the long tradition of connecting people, places and spirits. You and your crews are part of this place on the edge of Canada and have done a perfect job of letting us understand its history and culture. Thank you also for the kayaking trips, each day was amazing. "
- Bob and Joan, 2008, whole boat charter 2009, whole boat charter 2013

" In the middle of paradise you took care of me and those I love with attentiveness, competence and kindness. I am deeply grateful. Thank you, "
- John, Tennessee, USA 2010, whole boat charter 2013


Mothership guests in kayaks Mothership guests at dessert

" A year ago we started to plan this trip and have EAGERLY counted the months and days until our departure with our dream team of pals. Along with your dream team crew and breathtakingly beautiful scenery, kayaking, and bear viewing, it was a fantastically great trip and we felt privileged and grateful. We wish you all the very best and hope to travel with you a third time before too long! Fondly, "
- Doria and Jim, British Columbia 2011, 2012

" Wow, what a SUPER adventure, AGAIN! Thank you to this very special crew that has yet again made such a great impact on my travels and as always have/give such TLC always!! Tav, Farlyn, Steve and Robin what a wonderful time!! I certainly hope to be back and experience yet another trip. Take care and all the very best for HEALTH and HAPPINESS. Big hugs, "
- Stella, British Columbia


" Wow! What an amazing trip that you all put together for us! Between the whales (orca, humpbacks, and minke) seals, dolphins, porpoises, intertidal life and birds, the wildlife was unforgettable. As were all the incredible vistas and oh! The meals! We have over 2000 photos documenting this truly magical, inspirational and educational adventure. We also loved the Irish music concert. How cool! Hurray for the kayaking, birthday celebrations and perfect weather! Paddling with dolphins, sea lions, and humpbacks, and lunches with humpbacks too! Post-lunch naps on the rocks in the sunshine… The reference library on the boat was fantastic for looking up the animals we saw, or some First Nations history… and all your extra insight, and the time you took to teach us, especially the kids… They loved it! Thank you, thank you, thank you. "
- Rainey and Segler families, Georgia, USA

" This was so fun! Seeing all the wildlife was great. And the food, Wow! I really enjoyed the books. Everyone was so helpful. The kayaking was blast! The places we went were beautiful! How could you have made this any better?? You couldn't of!!!! Anyway, thank you for all you have done. This was the best vacation yet. "
- Ashlyn, age 10 Georgia USA

" What a great trip. I will never forget this trip. You all were so friendly and helpful. Thank you for all the great memories. I loved all the wildlife and the kayaking was the best. "
- Elaine, Oklahoma, USA

" Thank you for an amazing trip. It truly is a once in a lifetime adventure. The remoteness and wildlife sightings were awesome. And the meals too! Thank you Captain Luke and Miray, Steve and Chris! "
- Sue and Martyn, Ontario, Canada

" It was a magical week that passed much too swiftly… a week of happiness, laughter and learning. Wonderful images of bears and whales, sunlight bouncing of water, rocks and islands, eagles, turnstones and kingfishers… and layered above that bounty was the immaculate state of the Columbia III, the incredible food that Fern prepared, and the gracious hospitality we were blessed with. Thank you. "
- Phil, Washington, USA whole boat charter 2010 reserved whole boat charter 2014

" Ross and Fern,
Thanks for one of the great times of my sixty years. Your care, thoughtfulness, humour, and warm welcome everyday was fantastic! Your willingness to share your knowledge and experience enriched our stay and helped us appreciate this wonderful ship and the environment she lives in. You asked us what we wanted to experience, and you met all our expectations many times over. The guides Steve, and Luke were terrific. And finally, thanks for celebrating my 60th birthday! Affectionately, "

- David. Washington. USA

" Thank you, than you! This trip was far more wonderful than I could have imagined. Not only were the whales, dolphins, sea urchins and other creatures spectacular, the humans hosting us were wonderful. Ross and Fern, your skills and kind manners guided and fed us. Steve and Luke, you were delightful! We felt safe on the water and learned so much. Best wishes, "
- Cindy. Washington USA

Kayakers fishing
Cruisers relax

" The Columbia III is gorgeous, the scenery and wildlife sightings glorious, and the food was great! But Ross, Fern, Steve and Luke your warmth, kindness and good humour made our trip extraordinary. Thank you especially for Michael's kayaking birthday cake and Dave's balloon-filled 60th birthday party. All the best, "
- Carrie, Washington, USA

" Fern, Ross, Steve and Luke, Thank you all for such a great trip. I can't imagine better hosts, cooks or guides for discovering this beautiful area. "
- Michael. Washtington, USA

" Dear Fern, Ross, Miray and Luke, I find it near impossible to put into words how I feel about the Columbia III family… so I won't even try! Thank you so very much (again!) for an incredible trip. Love, "
- Pam, B.C. 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, reserved whole boat charter for 2012

Comments from earlier seasons:

" What a wonderful week. Thanks for the memories. We will meet again. Sincerely,"
- Jeanette, BC - Whole boat charter Broughton Archipelago 2010, whole boat charter booked for the Great Bear Rainforest 2012

" My second adventure was as thrilling as my first - I hope for more. As you know, I liked it so much that I wanted to share it with a special group of friends and neighbours. I was so thrilled with your family and your enterprise - I knew ( hoped!) they would be too. Your trip was very special, Thanks so much from all of us. "
- Brian and Kim, Alberta. 2005 and whole-boat charter 2008

" Life provides times of immersion experience, with defining borders. This has been one of those deep wells. Profound clear ocean water with snowy mountains and gem-like island borders.
The deep well of coastal life of eagles, seal lions, seals, whales and of Proctors and Mortons.
Of deep friendship and love enriched by laughter, bordered by time.
Central and enabling, the deep healing experience of our old friend, Columbia III, her skipper and her crew.
Underneath, the throaty grumble of dependable old Gardner.
Ross, Fern, Miray, Luke - heartfelt thanks for all you have given us. "

- Lynn and Peter, BC. 2006 & whole boat charter, 2008

" Dear Ross, Luke, Miray and crew, Thanks for the incredible trip. We all had a great time and enjoyed everything. We will definitely see you all again on your Great Bear Rainforest trip in the future. Thanks. "
- Peter, British Columbia. Whole boat charter with family from Hong Kong, 2008

" Thanks to Fern, Ross, Luke and Miray, we have had another fabulous week on the Columbia III! This has definitely been a phenomenal week with so many sightings; otters, grizzly bears, black bears, deer, all sorts of birds, sea life and whales. Wow!! Looking forward to the next time already! Also, we loved your music and food and the opportunity to meet a great group of new people! All in all, a wonderful time. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! You are wonderful hosts! "
- Rob and Enneke, British Columbia. 2007, 2008, rebooked whole boat 2009

"Thank you again. We leave as disciples to preach the word about the Great Bear Rainforest. You were generous hosts to our extended family. The trip was all we had hoped for."
- Bob and Joan, Ontario. 2008, and whole boat charter 2009

"Just the heartiest of thanks to all of you for our 3rd wonderful trip on the "Ship of Dreams" It was a wonderful occasion for our family to get together and to share this special week. You are a great team and I love this boat !!!"
- Rob and Enneke, British Columbia. 2007, 2008, and whole boat charter 2009